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Polytechnics Students Continue Protest, Slaughters Cow Recovered From The Police

 Nigerian policemen stood guard at Yaba in Lagos as  students of Nigerian Polytechnics accross Nigeria continued their protest today.
The students commenced the day by slaughtering their cow that was seized by the police yesterday during an unprovoked attack and  molestation at the Adekunle bus stop by members of the Nigerian police.
The students say eating on the ASUP/COEASU branded cow was their own way of marking May 29, Nigeria’s ruling party’s self-appointed “Democracy Day”.
Apart from disrupting their protest yesterday, the students said one of them was shot on the arm.
At the convening today, twelve police vans were seen watching on the restive students near  WAEC bus stop alone while other vans marked Rapid Response Squad vans were stationed at other  junctions in the vicinity.

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