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US reaffirms Boko Haram leader, Shekau’s death

ShekauLeader of the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic sect, Abubakar Shekau, is, indeed, dead, the United States of America has confirmed.

Shekau, who had led the insurgents for over three years after taking over from Mohammed Yusuf since the dreaded Islamic sect declared war against western education in the northern part of the country, especially north east, had killed hundreds of people.

The Nigerian Army had, recently, announced that Shekau may have been killed in July, 2013, in a gun battle. American, on Saturday, concurred after a thorough investigation.

The Council on Foreign Relations, a top US security think-tank and government advisory, made this confirmation after its thorough investigation.

It said it is apparent that the latest video appearance of Shekau was faked.

“In this latest 33 second video, Shekau was even further from the camera and only appeared to speak for just 10 seconds. The latest video, released on Youtube, is perhaps the biggest sham in the history of terrorism media: Latest 10 Second Sham Video of Blurry Ghost of Late Shekau,” the US security think-tank observed.

It said that “this latest sham video clip is very identical to the August video, which was also circulated by AFP, which US Council on Foreign Relations discredited as that of an imposter, except it has a black drape over the old background and Shekau’s image appears to have green-light peripheral shine around it, indicating super-imposition.”

The report said the older video was also of highly questionable authenticity, adding: “It appears ‘Shekau’ did not wish to risk thorough investigation of “his” video clips and hence, he made it as blurry, as distant from the camera and as short as possible. 10 seconds only, enough time to say five words and quickly brush his ghost teeth!”

Who then is posing as Shekau?

While briefing the media on the recent arrest of Nyanya bombers, DSS spokesperson insisted that Shekau was killed in 2013.

Who is behind the new Shekau mask? Who created the mask? Is this council on foreign relations not the same one that arranged the march 2014 meeting of some northern governors in US that (according to Babangida Aliyu) that led to American intervention after April 14th "abduction" of Chibok students?


Whoever is behind this new "Shekau" is responsible for the abduction of our girls. All those who claimed to be in contact with "Shekau" should be arrested to confirm which of the Shekau they are negotiating with: original or photocopy. For them to even know either means they know everything there is to know about Boko Haram insurgency.

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