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NIGERIA: Royal Fathers Deserve Constitutional Roles, Says Nwaogu

With the present security challenges facing the nation, traditional rulers deserve to have constitutional roles in order to strengthen their capacity to maintain peace and security at the grassroots level, Senator Nkechi Nwaogu has said.
She expressed this view in her address at the 40th coronation anniversary of the traditional ruler of Isuochi Ancient Kingdom, Eze Godson Ezekwesiri, saying that traditional rulers have proved their usefulness in maintaining peace and stability in the country.
She said she strongly believes that the royal fathers, as custodians of the culture of the people, represent the  institution closest to the people and were in vantage position to nip problems in the bud at the grassroots level before they escalate.
Nwaogu further pointed out that traditional rulers help to decongest the law courts by settling disputes before they snowball into litigation; hence the need to provide them legal backing to perform their duties..
“I believe that the roles of the traditional rulers should be entrenched in the Nigerian constitution so that the decisions they take as they settle disputes in their domains could be recognised,” she said.
The Senator, who represents Abia Central in the Senate, made history as the first female senator from Abia, which might have informed the choice of chieftaincy title of Ihe Abia I (light of Abia) conferred on her by the Ochi I of Isuochi. She said she was humbled by the chieftaincy title of by such a highly-revered monarch outside her constituency.
“My joy knows no bounds. This title given to me by the Ochi of Isuochi is unique and explanatory and will continue to shine for the people,” she said.

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