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Investing in child’s potential: How 11-year-old girl won centenary award

There is a saying in the Bible that: “Show me a man diligent in his work, for he shall eat with kings”. That was the case of Omeyiola Ayomikun Eunice, a 10-year-old primary six school girl, who was presented with, ‘Ambassador for Peace’ Award, at the just concluded Centenary Award in Abuja, for her creativity and distinctive paintings captioned: “Peace in the midst of the storm” and , “United we stand”.
Ayomikun sat and dined with leaders of different countries for being diligent in her painting and that earned exposure to her family. Parents should learn from this and invest in their children’s future. Here, she tells her stories about how she started drawing that brought her to the lime light at the Centenary Award.
My names are Ayomikun Omeyiola Eunice. I’m from Kwara State. I came to Queensland Academy in 2010 because I believed the school has a better platform for me in the area of Art and again my siblings are there. Before I came to the school, I had started drawing at the age of four.
Then I used to draw figures, animals, fruits etc. So,when I left my former school to join Queensland, the passion increased because it has a good art teacher, Mr. Adewale Olakunle Joel, who started teaching me deep things about art. And sometimes, he would come to our home to have classes with me on weekends. As time went on, I started gaining inspiration from God and that has helped me a lot to caption my paintings after drawing. Sometimes my teachers assist in suggesting captions.
My journey to Abuja for the Centenary Award was interesting. I went there with my parents and teacher. I was happy and excited to have met President Jonathan for the first time in my life even though I was a bit nervous.
I went there to present my drawings to the President through SGF, Senator Anyim Pius who commissioned my paintings and recommended me to the President as the youngest Nigerian kid to receive an award at the time when Nigeria is celebrating 100 years. Before the centenary award, however I participated in art competitions, among them was Indian Language Art Competition 2012. I’m still participating in more because painting is my hubby, even though I would love to be an engineer.
I hereby encourage my friends and Nigerian kids out there to be courageous in their studies and should not lose hope in any situation but trust and have faith in God to help them achieve whatever thing they want to achieve in life. I believe there is hope for the Nigerian child.
I thank Queensland Academy teachers for their efforts that brought me to this level today. Many thanks to my parents who are always there for me, providing the school requirements to position me well in my painting.
In addition, Adewale, Ayomikun’s art teacher, said, her success was tied to the conducive environment and required resources provided by the school. So, we have enough materials and a good studio to work.
When I came into this school two years ago, one of the things I had in mind was to discover the creative ability of kids and I discovered many of them and she is one of them. She devoted more time and as well hardworking.
There was a time she was invited to Voice of Nigeria with five pupils from the school in January last year, and she did very well on art platform after displaying their paintings. I believe these assimilations led to the award she received. As a matter of fact, she has been a challenge to pupils here and outside.
Concerning the Centenary Award, last year, she was invited by the Federal Government based on her paintings, advocating peace in Nigeria. Looking at the crisis in Nigeria, she did a painting captioned: “Peace in the midst of the storm”, depicting a flying dove, scrabble red and black colours, indicating challenges of Nigeria, but in spite of that, she sees a beautiful Nigeria, peace in the country.
There was a programme the FG came up with, “Thank God it’s Centenary”. That programme was youth-focused, to discover talents in youths. So different youths within and outside the country were invited. Those that distinguished themselves were invited last year July by the FG for an award.
Ayomikun was invited, then she was10. There she presented her painting to the SGF, Pius Anyim and they were impressed by her painting, and after that she was presented with an award.
Senator Pius Anyim said, you have made our country proud. Based on that, she was given an award as the youngest Peace Ambassador of Nigeria. On February 28, she was invited to make her art presentation which she did during the award dinner night at the banquet hall in Abuja.
There she presented her painting, titled: “United we stand”. She was able to use her work to advocate unity that could usher in peaceful coexistence.
Impressed by her excellent creative work that earned her the centenary award, the school authority of Queensland Academy has granted Ayomikun scholarship award, even she uses her painting above titled: “Stolen Dreams” to advocate freedom for the abducted school girls in Yobe.
Mr. Oni K. G, Principal, Queensland Academy said:
We have a mission, which is to offer a distinctive all-round education dispensed by top professionals in a most conducive environment for the preparation of exemplary and meticulously mentored future leaders.
Mrs. Ogunkoya C.A, Head of School Primary responded thus:
I must first and foremost say that whatever achievements and performance we are making our efforts to position our students for a better future are tied to our vision, to provide top world class education.
The school put in place entrepreneurial schemes, where the children in addition learn fashion designing, photography etc. in order to equip themselves so that they would have experience of all these skills so wherever they found themselves they would be able to stand on their own.

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