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NIGERIA: Demands for States Creation Flood Committee

Agitations for the creation of new states have flooded the Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Government with   over thirty-one demands for state creation across the six geo-political zones.
THISDAY gathered that the committee, which had initiated deliberations on the number of states to be created, unanimously agreed that there was need for states creation.
While some committee members believe that some of the requests deserve attention, others believe that the criteria should be set  to know which of the demands should be considered on merit.
According to the list obtained by THISDAY, there are agitations for new states like: Oduduwa State, Aba state, Orimili State, Ijebu State, Adada State, Yemen State, Amana state, Apa State, New Delta State, Okun State, Anioma State and Savannah State.
There were also requests for Edu State, Lagoon State, South Plateau State, Confluence State, Etiti State, Anim State, Njaba State, Savannah State Oke-Ogun State and Toru-Ebe State.
Other requests for new states are for New Oyo State, Hadejia State, Ose State, Ogoja State, Okura State, Ugwuaku State, Ghari State, Sombreiro and Old Calabar States.
These agitations for new states may not be unconnected to the earlier recommendation of the committee that there should be an additional state for the southeast geo-political zone to bring to parity the states in the six-geo political zones.
The committee also received one change of name from Adamawa State, which demanded that the name should be changed to Pongola State.

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