Oyinlola: No One Can Force Me out of PDP

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A former Governor of Osun State, Mr. Olagunsoye Oyinlola, has stressed that no one could intimidate him out of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Oyinlola, in a statement personally issued yesterday, said he had been following a subtle campaign in the media, including the social media, by some  people suggesting that he had decided to leave the PDP for another party, describing it as false and a ploy by his political adversaries to push him out of the party.
While saying he was aware of those behind the campaign, the former governor declared that suggestions that he had silently joined another party were false and too cheap, stressing that he was “ man and bold enough” to take decisions and stand by them openly and with fanfare.
The former governor insisted that in the face of the law, he remained the National Secretary of the PDP and that he would  not be intimidated by anyone to abandon that  position and the party.
While reaffirming his membership of the PDP,  Oyinlola said  the order of the Court of Appeal which reaffirmed him as the authentic National Secretary  of the party was clear and unambiguous and that the case taken to the Supreme Court by his adversaries would be contested to the end with all powers at his disposal.
“I want to use this medium to warn blackmailers and all those who believe Oyinlola can be intimidated and forced to exit the PDP to have a rethink. I am too seasoned to succumb to such cheap blackmail. I will like to remind them that as a battle-tested General, no one can intimidate me or force me to abandon my right under the law. Until the Supreme Court says otherwise, I remain the National
Secretary of the PDP. I assure my adversaries that I will pursue this legal battle, which they themselves initiated, to a logical conclusion.
“If,  for any reason, I need to take drastic political decisions, my adversaries know me too well, I will do it openly and with spectacular public display. I ask my adversaries to stop these silly talks and be man enough to wait for the final verdict of the Supreme Court,” Oyinlola said.
Meanwhile, as a result of the rumours that some key leaders of the PDP in Osun State have perfected plans to move en masse to the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Hon. Oluwole Oke, a gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of PDP has cautioned against such step.
Oke advised them against leaving the party, they had jointly built and nurtured.
Oke, who in a statement issued and signed by his Director of Media and Publicity, Mr. Yemi Giwa, admitted that PDP was sick, however noted that, “you don’t kill a sick person but rally round him to recover from his ailment.”
The former legislator said cutting of the head was not the antidote for a chronic headache, adding that “you don’t throw away a baby with the bathwater.”
He noted that though there were some clear reasons ranging from arrogance, larger than life attitude and lack of demonstration of true and meaningful reconciliation to alienate the people from the party, yet, they were still not more than domestic squabbles which the party could resolve internally.
According to him, Oyinlola, Isiaka Adeleke and Iyiola Omisore are the emerging leaders who should beacon the light and illuminate the dark areas in our great party, with a view to bringing it back to the right path.
“Let me be sincere, APC and other political parties are reaching out to us, but we are mindful of their offers, we are much more disposed to remaining in the PDP and assist in re-building it.”
He went further, “I am saying this because we are so to say, the landlords in PDP and it is unheard of for the landlords to vacate his house for his tenants all because there is a misunderstanding between them.
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