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NIGERIA: Clergy Urges Delegates to Put Nation First

As the various committees resume sitting today after the break, the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Alfred Martins has called on the delegates to put the interest of the nation above tribal, ethnic and religious sentiments.
Martins in a Sunday message said it would be unfortunate if at the end of the deliberations, the delegates fail to move the nation forward.
According to him, the conference offers a good platform for all segments of the country to dialogue on the way forward to address the lopsided political, social and economic structures of the nation.
“I am happy that the conference is now on, in spite of initial setbacks experienced. I believe it is a window of opportunity for us as a nation to get it right.
“For the past 100 years that we have been living together, so much water has passed under the bridge. We seem not to have gotten it right.
“I want to call on all the delegates to use this opportunity to ensure that we get it right this time.
“There are so many issues to be discoursed. There is the issue of insecurity, the right form of government we should practice, resource control, equality and justice, “Our hope is that our representatives there would work for the good of Nigerians,” he said.

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