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NIGERIA: Arik Alerts Passengers on New Security Measures at Airports

Major Nigerian carrier, Arik Air, has alerted air travellers on the new security measures put in place at Nigerian airports by the federal government and therefore advised all intending air passengers  to set out early for their flights to avoid loss of travel time. The new security measures, which took effect from May 1 are meant to improve security at the nation’s airports, especially the international ones.
The new security measures extends the profiling of passengers by operatives and this  would take longer time as every passenger is subjected to detailed checks.
Arik Air warned passengers that the government had put extra security measures in place at all airports and this could cause traffic snarl at the airport roads leading to unforeseen delays or missed flights for travellers.
The new security measures being implemented by the government had led to visible presence of more security personnel across the nation’s airports.
Passengers are also advised to familiarise themselves with check-in procedures at the airport.
“Arik Air check-in counters open two hours before departure for domestic flights, three hours for regional and four hours for international flights,” the airline said.
It also said all passengers must have completed check-in for their flights prior to check-in closure which is 30 minutes (for domestic flights), 45 minutes (for regional flights) and 90 minutes (for international flights) before the scheduled departure time.
“Arik Air also provides an online check-in service aimed at customers who want a streamlined travel experience. It is designed to provide passengers with the ability to check-in and choose seat from 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight to five hours before international flights and three hours before domestic and regional fights.”
The airline therefore advised passengers to avail themselves of this service in order not to miss their flights.

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