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NIGERIA: Kwankwaso Advises FG to Change Strategy against Boko Haram

Kano State Governor, Mallam Rabiu Kwankwaso, yesterday advised the federal government not to restrict itself to security agencies alone, urging it to focus more on education and agriculture.
He said no educated person would accept to be a suicide bomber, stressing that  other critical aspects of the economy must be focused on like the government was doing with the security sector.
The governor spoke in Abeokuta at a two-day working visit with the students from the state that are studying both at the Bells University of Technology, Ota, and Crescent University, Abeokuta.
He said: "Security is not just for the army, police and SSS, no. It is not like that,  this is one aspect,  the other aspect is education. We must  secure  education, we must secure our agriculture, we must  secure our health, we must  secure employment."
He continued: "These are things that are key,  none of these young ones who are educated would want to be suicide bombers   because they have hope."
He, however, lamented that the federal government deliberately denied all  states under the control of the All Progressives Congress (APC) of N2bn ecological funds.
He accused the President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration of being biased, saying other states apart from  APC-controlled states have been paid the N2b ecological funds.
He claimed that his government had spent N500million on the students whom he said were in various tertiary institutions across the country.
Kwankwaso said his government planned to close the gap that exists between the North and the South in the area of education, saying "nobody gives me any extra money,  the federal government has given non-APC states  N2billion."
He said: "They called it ecological fund,  N2billion, but they gave us nothing,  at least, I know what I am saying, there is no extra money from  anybody, federal  government or any other person.
"Our policy is not to borrow money because,  we don't want  to mortgage our future, all what we are doing is out of our resources, the resources that we get locally  and the resources that we get from the federal government," governor said.

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