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APC: PDP Set for Major Attack on Osun

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State has alerted the security agencies and the indigenes of the state that anytime from now, the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will unleash mayhem in some towns in the state.
According to the party, credible information at its disposal revealed that plans for the attacks were concluded during a meeting at the residence of a former Oyo State senator in Ibadan few weeks ago.
In attendance at that meeting were a former senator, a road transport kingpin in Ibadan and some Osun PDP chieftains, amongst others.
The party said the plan was to clothe thugs who would be assembled by the transport kingpin in the uniforms of both the state Governor's Monitoring Team (GTM) and the traffic section of O'Yes to give the impression that they are state sponsored thugs.
These uniforms are said to have been sewn by the state PDP.
However, the planned attack is to begin anytime after an Osun PDP chieftain would have travelled out of the country, to provide an alibi so that he would not be associated with the planned violence.
The PDP chieftain is scheduled to travel out of the country early this week, and his trip would be the trigger for the terror attack to start.
The APC is therefore alerting the security agencies to watch out for criminals who would be imported from neighbouring states dressed in uniforms of Osun O'Yes and GMT officials, with a mission to create chaos in the state.
In a statement from the APC party's Directorate of Publicity, Research and Strategy and signed by its Director, Mr. Kunle Oyatomi, the party advised Osun indigenes to stay at maximum alert to help the police and other security agencies to ensure that political criminals are successfully checkmated and prevented from disturbing the peace in the state.

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