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US Warns Citizens in Nigeria

The Department of State has warned United States citizens of the risks of travel to Nigeria and recommended that US citizens avoid all travel to Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe states because of the May 14, 2013 state of emergency proclamation for those three states by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
According to a release, “As of late April, groups associated with terrorism allegedly planned to mount an unspecified attack against the Sheraton Hotel in Nigeria, near the city of Lagos. There was no further information regarding which of the two Sheraton Hotels in Lagos was the possible target, or if both of the Sheraton Hotels are possible targets. There is no further information regarding the timing or method of attack. US citizens are cautioned to avoid these hotels at this time.
“The security situation in the country remains fluid and unpredictable. The US Department of State strongly urges US citizens in Nigeria to keep personal safety and health in the forefront of your planning. We remind US citizens to review your personal security plans; remain aware of your surroundings, including local events; and monitor local news stations for updates. Maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security” the statement warned the US nationals.
On the World Economic Forum, the second warning read: “The US Embassy in Nigeria alerts US citizens to the occurrence of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa.
The event will be held in Abuja May 7- May 9, 2014. There will be a heavy security presence throughout Abuja during the week of the event and additional security checkpoints and traffic delays can be expected.
“WEF officials and Nigerian authorities have designated several areas within the Abuja city centre as secure zones, including the International Convention Centre, the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Eagle Square, and several major hotels. Additional security checks and access restrictions can be expected in these areas.”

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