Defence Hqtrs, NOSDRA Mull Plans against Illegal Crude Refineries, Oil Spillage

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Following incessant cases of illegal crude oil refineries and oil spillage in the Niger Delta, the Defence Headquarters and the National Oil Spillage Detection and Regulation Agency (NOSDRA) are to formulate new strategies that will curb the menace of such activities in the region.
This was revealed in Abuja when the NOSDRA visited the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Chief Air Marshal Alex Badeh, in his office.
According to Badeh, the continuous cases of oil bunkering, illegal crude refineries and oil spillage in the Niger Delta have become a source for concern, requiring new impetus in combating crime in the coastal area. Badeh told the NOSDRA delegation that, “wherever we need to put foots, the Armed Forces are ready, not just to fight war, but are there for everything”.
He explained that for concerted effort to be made in the fight against illegal crude oil refineries and oil spillage, it has become imperative to “develop multiple capacity; we know you need security, especially to stop people causing oil spillage, we must encourage them to stop illegal refineries of crude”.
Leader of the delegation and NOSDRA board Chairman, Major Lancelot Ayanya said the visit to the defence headquarters was premised on the need to devise new strategies in combating oil spillage and illegal crude oil refineries in the country, specifically in the Niger Delta.
He solicited the support of the military in putting a halt to the activities of criminals contributing to the increase of illegal crude refineries and oil spillage around the country.
Also, NOSDRA Director General, Peter Idabor, while seeking the assistance of the military in policing illegal crude oil refineries in the Niger Delta, said the activities of some criminals have continued to increase the danger of oil spillage in the region and other parts of the country.
Idabor informed the CDS on the need for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that bring about the establishment of a joint oil response military base between NOSDRA and the military in preventing oil spillage and other nefarious activities in the delta region.
The delegation also visited the Navy Headquarters where they met with the Chief of Navy Staff, Vice Admiral Usman Oyibe Jubril for partnership and cooperation.
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