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Rivers men and women of faith shall rise and pray again!

Immediately our present political experiment berthed in 1999, here in Rivers State, a certain gentleman was coasting home to becoming the governor of Rivers State. He had everything going for him – connection, influence and resources.

The other candidate was a gentleman and Knight of the Catholic faith. His name is Sir (Dr.) Peter Otunaya Odili. Odili had men but struggling with resources, influence and connection. However, he had Christians behind him while his opponent belonged to what most Christians [especially the Pentecostal groups] termed ‘suspect’ sect.

The stage was set for an epic battle but something happened. Christians, especially the Pentecostals, took what turned out to be a decisive position. They decided to rise in prayer against Odili’s opponent who they considered to belong to an anti-Christ sect [in their view]. In the end, the resources-struggling Odili, despite huge odds piled against him, eventually emerged to become the governor of Rivers State and ruled for 8 years from 1999 to 2007.


Today, a known secret society member is busy procuring endorsements across the upland and creek dwellers of Rivers State to become the governor of Rivers State in 2015. To him and his tale-bearers, the deal is as good as done. Well, so it appeared to the promoters of Odili’s opponent in 1999. But soon – very, very soon – true Christians and other people of faith of Rivers State shall rise up in prayers, the same way they did in 1999. This secret society man shall never smell the Brick House come 2015, by His grace.


Keep watching; keep praying!


Chris Finebone

State Publicity Secretary

All Progressives Congress (APC)

Rivers State Chapter

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