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NIGERIA: Sub-committee on Politics Makes 57 Recommendations

The sub-committees set up by the National Conference Standing Committees on Politics and Governance yesterday presented 57 recommendations to the main committee.
Co-Chairman of the Committee, Prof. Jerry Gana, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that the committee set up six sub-committees.
“The six sub-committees we set up last week are reporting back to the main committee. The main committee will later on have its own overall report to the plenary of the conference.
“The sub-committees have so far made about 57 recommendations but we are structuring them into the various sections of the constitution.
“Later on, we are taking the issue of immunity clause. We have a special paper that has been prepared by very knowledgeable committee.
He said the sub-committee had proposed partial immunity for the president and governors.
“The main recommendation is that we must not allow immunity of criminal cases; anything of criminal nature, nobody should be above the law.
“But on civil matters, we don’t want government to be frustrated because with some small things, people can just frustrate the whole process of governance.
“Therefore, maybe there can be immunity on such matters but on criminal matters, there should be no immunity,” he said.
Gana said that the committee generally deliberated on good governance, good leadership and how the system could breed and ensure that good leaders emerged.
“As you can see, there are so many people that are good but if the system is not democratic and fair and free enough, they may not emerge.
“We are discussing how to ensure that when people are elected, they govern excellently well and that there are also checks and balances in the system to ensure fairness and justice.
The co-chairman said the sub-committees would likely conclude presentations of their reports to the main committee on Tuesday.
According to him, the committee was not contemplating seeking extension of time adding, “we are doing very well and will do our best to meet the deadline”.
The committee work was expected to be completed on Wednesday ahead of the main reports to be submitted to the plenary in session on Monday.
The deliberations on the reports of the 20 standing committees of the conference are expected to commence on Monday, May 5.

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