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NIGERIA: Ethnic Clashes Claim 34 in Nasarawa

There seems to be no end to the bloodletting in the northern parts of the country, as yet again clashes between rival tribes in Nasarawa State have left at least 34 people dead with homes and barns torched in a village in the state. The violence erupted Saturday when a militia from the Eggon tribe attacked the Gwandara village of Egan following a dispute over farmland, said Nasarawa State spokesman, Sani Musa Mairiga.
“All the victims were from Gwandara tribe whose village came under sudden attack from Ombatse cult members from Eggon tribe,” Mairiga said.
“So far 34 people have been killed in the violence with several others injured,” AFP quoted the spokesman as stating.
Several homes and barns were burnt in the attack, sparked by a farming dispute, in which an Eggon man was injured, he said.
Armed police were deployed to stop the bloodshed, Mairiga said.
Ethnic disputes linked to land are frequent in the North-central zone, despite efforts to mend relations between the region’s different groups.
The fighting often has religious overtones, pitting Christian farmers against nomadic Muslim herder communities, although in Nawasara State the rival ethnicities are made up of both Christians and Muslims.

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