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Terrorism: It’s a plan to polarise the country – Nigerians speak

Nigerians have continued to wonder when and how the menace caused by terrorism will become a thing of the past. To this end, Saturday Vanguard spoke with a cross section on how to nip the situation in the bud.

It’s a plan to polarise the country— Godstime Ebhota


A clearing agent in Apapa, Mr. Godstime Ebhota said, “The plan of Boko Haram is easy to understand. It is to scare Igbos and other ethnic minorities away from the north so that they can declare self rule. There is also another sinister objective which may explain why some northern politicians are behind it. It is to eliminate southern votes from the north.

The north will oppose any candidate outside its region from ever gaining the percentage required to win election. Boko Haram wants the north to itself with the aim to establish an Islamic state. They are a group driven by an extreme Islamic ideology based on primitive interpretation and understanding of a religion which should have no place in any civilized society. Another reason for Boko Haram is the alarming level of unemployment and ignorance on the country.

Anyone who kills in the name of religion is insane— Muhammed

For Mallam Muhammed, a trader, “The truth is that Islam is a religion of peace and anybody who kills his fellow human being in the name of religion is insane.


The Prophet (peace be unto him) was a man of peace during his lifetime. He even dug well for the pagans at Medina. Let us all live in unity and I know that one day, Nigeria


will be a better place.

The only way out is prayer—Ogun

A lotto agent, Mr. Kayode Oguns opined that, there is no group called Boko Haram. His words: “I am of the opinion that the Federal government under the leadership of Mr President is behind the calamities befalling the country. During the reign of Olusegun Obasanjo, there was nothing like Boko Haram. So why now? It all began when an undergraduate having spent seven years for a course of four years at the university and still jobless after several years of leaving the university became a burden and liability to his aged parents.

“They will become frustrated one day after some years of job hunt. Two years ago, I was close to committing suicide when I could not feed myself not to talk of my parents. Then I was selling tyres. One day, task force came and packed my goods. They said I should pay a huge amount of money to have my goods back and gradually I ran bankrupt. The Boko Haram is a result of poor economy. It is unfortunate that many innocent lives have been lost. They destroy our villages and embezzle our money. The only way out is prayer”.

It’s nothing but frustrationEmmanuel



“The Nigerian government has not been treating the masses justly through bad policies. Rather than improving the economy, things have turned from bad to worse leaving so many people frustrated. This insurgency in the country is as a result of frustration from one set of people.

The masses are frustrated. I read a story on a national daily where a young man of 16 sold his younger brother for two bags of rice and he was caught in the process. He rationalised that they lost their parents at a very tender age with no one to care for them.

“The country is still afflicted by bad governance, illiteracy, injustice, inequity, incompetence, want and misery despite earning over 400 billion dollars from oil sale alone over the last five decades.”

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