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Boko Haram Threat: Nyanya Gridlock Worsens, Residents Resorts to Motorcycles

Passengers and commuters continued to groan as the gridlock occasioned by security check point at Kugbo mechanic's village, Abuja, worsened yesterday, with motorists spending over four hours in a journey which ordinarily should not take more than 10 to 20 minutes.
But the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has appealed to members of the public for understanding in the new security measures aimed at preventing further terrorist attacks in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
THISDAY had at the weekend reported how the checkpoint, which was on last Thursday moved to its present location from the Nyanya-Maraba boundary (Mopol Checkpoint), following Boko Haram threat of further attack was causing untold hardship to commuters in that axis of the nation's capital.
As was predicted,  the traffic situation became unbearable when all vehicles entering the Federal Capital City from all satellite towns from Nyanya-Maraba to Keffi in Nasarawa State, and those from Karu-Jukwoyi- Kurudu-Orozo and Karshi axis were forced to go through a narrow corridor  that can only take a vehicle at a time.
The excruciating traffic snarl and attendant time wastage forced many motorists to abandon their vehicles and resorted to patronising the banned motorcyclists (Okada), who had a field day taking passengers against traffic to A-Y-A.
Some of the residents who spoke to THISDAY, expressed anger and disappointment at the inability of the security agencies to adopt a more humane, but smart and intelligent measure in dealing with the Boko Haram threat.
"This is like punishing us twice, after going through the trauma of terrorism recently. This is simply another form of terrorism; and why can't the authorities see what they are doing?
"The signs were there during this weekend but they failed to take note when they know quite well that most residents who travelled will be going to work today", an angry resident said.
However, the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj Gen. Chris Olukolade  in a statement called for patience, saying the check point is a temporary measure.
"The traffic gridlock on Nyanya-Abuja highway as a result of the ongoing checks on vehicles coming into the city centre from that end has expectedly generated reactions and complaints from road users and the general public", Olukolade said. 
He assured members of the public that the measures are not punitive or deliberately meant to inconvenience road users.
According to him, "the actions are necessitated by the emerging security threats facing the nation which calls for support and understanding of the populace".
He added that the security measures would be reviewed as more equipment and additional support are introduced to ease the gridlock.
"Members of the public are requested to please bear with this temporary measure which is in the overall best interest of the public," he said.

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