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Nyanya Bomb Blast: Nda-Isaiah Condemns Attack, Tasks FG on National Security

Piqued by the incessant killings in the country especially the recent bomb blast in Nyanya, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant and former Chairman Leadership Group, Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah, has condemned the incident where about 75 Nigerians lost their lives while over 250 were injured.
Nda-Isaiah in a statement yesterday, however called for the immediate review of the country’s security apparatus, noting that if something was not done urgently to fix the country’s security system, it should be considered that the country has failed as individuals’ lives and property can no longer be protected by the government who has the sole responsibility to so.
“Or how can you explain this bloodletting everyday, there is no single day in this country without a report of killings here and there and the government is not doing enough to stem the tide,” he said.
He said the efforts of the present administration checkmate the incessant killings had been very poor in tackling the menace hence its perpetrators are having a field day. According to him, “it has been a very serious rumour that this present administration has not been given security agencies their due budgetary allocation hence they are not well-equipped to do their job,” he also said.
While assuring Nigerians of the need to protect their votes in the coming elections to avoid electing wrong leaders, the media entrepreneur said  the 2015 general election is critical for the survival of this nation and opined that the only way out of the whole mess Nigeria was into would be to enthrone credible and responsible leadership at the top whereby a more focused and result-oriented leaders will emerge.

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