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Nigerians Want to Stay Together, Says Delegate

A member of Osun State delegate to the National Conference, Chief Gbadegesin Adedeji, has told Nigerians that the ongoing debate at the conference would not lead to disintegration of the country, ratherit will make the country more united.
He equally stated that the Yoruba agenda at the conference was mainly on the devolution of power and restructuring, which according to him, had also received support from other regions of the country.
Speaking with journalists at the weekend in Iwo, Adedeji allayed the fears of disintegration of the country, but stated that majority of Nigerians want to remain together despite their differences.
According to him: "For once, I saw Nigerians talking and discussing their problems. It was a frank talk without inhibition. The speech from everybody was a catalogue of complaints. Grievances that have been bottled up over the years came out into the open. Delegates from the West, East, North and South, for once, were seen discussing and talking bitterly but frankly.
"The conference will work well. Most Nigerians, at least 80 per cent of us, want the country to remain together provided certain things are done right," he noted.
He remarked that demands from all the zones had shown that most Nigerians want the country restructured, adding that it would be better for Nigeria if power was devolved to the various federating units in the country.
Adedeji, a former Attorney- General and Commissioner for Justice  of the state said that the Yoruba agenda at the conference centered mainly on restructuring of the country and devolution of power.
"The centre is deformed. The centre is over burden with too much power and resources. Majority of us at the conference are in support of devolution of powers, that means most Nigerians want more power for the federating units, he emphasised.

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