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NIGERIA: Presidency Moves to Probe Nyako

The presidency and security agencies led by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) are marshaling out plans to expose, probe and possibly prosecute the   Adamawa State governor, Admiral Murtala Nyako (rtd)  when his immunity expires  over his alleged links with Boko Haram and scathing statements in his memo to the Northern Governors’ Forum.
A top security source within the presidency also confirmed to THISDAY Monday that the security agencies are not sleeping over the content of the letter as they believe that Nyako has questions to answer over the state of insecurity prevailing in the country.
The source said the governor, who it alleged invented "Satanic Routine" in the military, is aware that his game is up and being investigated necessitating the recent damaging attack against the presidency and members of the armed forces.
The source noted: "He has always been anti-democratic but the court has already ruled that governors can be investigated by the Supreme Court and in the next one year he can be tried.
"He is calling on the international community but he should be the first person to be tried and prosecuted. Should he not be deprived of his immunity and asked questions? Why we are saying this is because he knows more than meets the eyes and must be investigated. Let him come and tell us he is not a sponsor (of Boko Haram).
"If the court of law has convicted people as members of Boko Haram, how can you (Nyako) be questioning court decisions. If you say there is no terrorism and Boko Haram in Adamawa State, does that mean that all the Catholics and Christians killed in that state to him are not humans? Even the routes, which these people enter and exit from Cameroun passes through that state."
Nyako had in a letter dated April 16,2014 but circulated online on Friday, to all the 18 northern state governors, titled: "On On-Going Full-Fledged Genocide in Northern Nigeria", accused the federal government and the armed forces of carrying out genocide against northern states with impunity.
However, the presidency and security agencies are seriously considering options of bringing him to either clarify what they described as "inciteful, and diversionary allegations" or face the wrath of the law.
The presidential source noted: "He said that there is no Boko Haram, which means he knows about the terrorism and the Sect. He has a lot of questions to answer and must be made to answer those questions. Is he a sponsor and noticed that he is almost being cornered by investigation.
"I am sure we are getting closer to getting him and people like him. Intelligence has revealed we are getting closer to him, and he should tell Nigerians what 'Satanic Routine' is. Shouldn't this man be called by security agencies to tell us more about the "military Boko Haram he is talking about."
"He circulated this letter, trying to create friction between the North and rest of Nigeria. Can you imagine a former officer trained by Nigeria talking about "your sons killed my people", citing what has been forgotten since 1966. How can you justify this action, bringing the incident aimed at disparaging Igbos and Easterners. He was actually inciting the Igbo people."
The source reminded the governor and people of like-mind that the nation's security machinery had always been dominated by the north and must share the large chunk of the blames for all the security failures.
According to him: "For a long time now the security architectures has always been in the hands of the North, especially when you look at the NSA. Those who wield security machinery of the state has always been in the hands of northerners with the exception of the late Gen. Azazi. Is it Gen. Gusau who was the NSA for eight years, Danjuma, Akilu, Dagash, Muktar, Gumel and currently Dasuki.
One of the top officers  who spoke about Nyako while in service said: "I mean what does he stand for and remembered for other than the 'Satanic Routine' he introduced in the Navy and military?
“Even when he became the CNS, he introduced what is called 'Satanic Routine'; go and ask what that means. You also remember that he was the first and only Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (DCDS) under the late dictator, Gen. Sani Abacha, which was so designed in order to just keep him quiet. Also, throughout that period he was a member of the Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC) where and when human rights were violated with impunity."
Nyako had in the letter said: "Fulani communities in parts of the North who have been in their locations for over 100 years are now being raided and uprooted by paid killers within the Nigerian Army for the satisfaction of the federal administration instead of being protected as citizens with their rights and dignity safe-guarded."
However, Nyako has disclosed that the report by the presidency to probe and prosecute him at the end of his tenure are presumptive and cannot hold water.
Nyako, who spoke through his Director of Press and Public Affairs, Ahmed Sajoh,  wondered how “the president and his cohorts know that his administration would continue while Nyako’s reign would come to an end? What if the president’s administration comes to end before Nyako’s own?”
The governor denied the allegation linking him with Boko Haram insurgents, saying that if the federal government had enough evidence to nail him they should published, it stressing that they should also probe the president following his earlier statement that there were Boko Haram in his government. 
He said the president should make public the members of Boko Haram that he said were  in his administration and if he refuses to do so Nigerians should hold him responsible for allowing evil people have their way even though the power to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians are at his disposal.
“If you follow the trends of the insecurity challenges in this country, you will ask many questions which means what the federal government and security operatives are telling  are untrue,” he said
Nyako said the president and his cohorts were ignorant of the history of the country as according to him, he was the first military governor of Niger State under the military administration of Olusegun Obasanjo not under the administration of President Ibrahim Babangida as the report claimed.
He said the president only recruited people who are ignorant and desperate because their argument lacked merit and facts but they only specialise in insulting people.
But worried about the controversy and tension the Nyako memo has caused, the Northern States Governors’ Forum (NSGF) and the Miyetti Allah Fulani Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria will meet on Thursday,  in Abuja to find lasting solutions to the incessant crises between herdsmen and farmers in the region.
According to a press statement signed by the chief press secretary to the Niger state Governor Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu, Danladi Ndayebo and made available to THISDAY in Minna yesterday says  the forum will also discuss the memorandum submitted to it by Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State, where he raised several concerns about the insurgency in the North.
Chairman of the forum and Governor Aliyu said that “the forum is now in receipt of Nyako’s memo and would look at the concerns raised by Admiral Nyako with a view to addressing the issues.
In the same vein, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has called on the Federal Government to urgently investigate the allegations by Governor Nyako    to the effect that the Boko Haram insurgents were enjoying support from third parties within and outside Nigeria.
The ACF in a statement by its spokesman, Alhaji Muhammad Ibrahim in Kaduna on yesterday, said the forum had earlier called on the government to thoroughly investigate the source of funds, arms and ammunition the insurgents have been using to unleash violence on Nigerians.
“Therefore, Governor Nyako, being a victim of the calamity that has afflicted the Northern states is only expressing the frustrations being felt by other victims.
“ACF therefore calls on the Federal Government to urgently investigation the allegations made by Governor Nyako especially the support being enjoyed by the insurgents from third parties within and outside Nigeria in order to get to the root of this insecurity ravaging the North” the statement said.

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