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I use ‘polite insult’ on randy men — Morenikeji

The music industry provides a level playing ground for musicians irrespective of gender. A lot of musicians, male or female, have attained stardom doing what they know how to do best while a larger number still languished at the bottom of the success ladder. Some have been quite lucky hitting stardom with their debut effort while many others wait till after releasing about two to three albums before limelight beams their way.

For  Morenikeji Moses Adeleke, her debut effort not only caught attention of those who matter she has also had stardom staring her in the face. The singer and a mother of two reveals that, since she went professional with her music, she’d had her own fair share of men’s advances and harassment, even as a married woman.

According to her, the sexual advances at her did not come with just her fame as a musician, she has always had to contend with randy men as a prophetess in the Cherubim and Seraphim Church where she belongs. However, the pressure has since increased with fame. “I am not new to dealing with randy men.

They have always been showing up even before I started my music career. As a prophetess in the Church of God, men do come to me in pretence for prayers but when the prayer commences, you’ll find out they have hidden agendas and practically, they are coming for me,” she said.

If demanding  sex from a married prophetess sound odd, the inspirational singer declares, she has a divinely aided way of dealing with them when asked how she copes, “Coping? God has given me the wisdom. I insult them politely. You know, with polite insult, they won’t get angry. It’s insult but, I present it politely and that way, I have been able to send many of them away.”

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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