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NIGERIA: The Nation Mourns, Our President Campaigns Away

I have been reading the rubbish some political hirelings have been writing about our President.
What did they write this time? You know it is the season of politics and all kinds of opinions fly around.
Didn’t you read the silly comment of a certain governor in the north which described President Jonathan as being insensitive.
Oh, that’s a serious remark, coming from a governor. What is the basis of the comment?
Don’t mind the garrulous governor. He said simply because the President kept faith with his unity rally in Kano on Tuesday, then he is insensitive. Not many Nigerians put any worth to such shallow comments steeped in naked partisanship.
Oh, is that the issue? On the contrary, many Nigerians feels enraged that Mr President attended the so-called Unity rally, while the nation was mourning. Indeed it was the height of insensitivity for a nation’s leader to continue with such ruckus revelry few hours after a devastating bomb blast tore down a part of the FCT. In fact, at the time the President was wearing Aso ebi agbada and dancing Azonto, most families were still searching for the corpses of their loved ones many of whom were shattered in the bomb blast.
So what are you implying with your nauseating narrative?
You call it nauseating? It is people like you who mislead our dear President? Let me ask you: if your son or daughter was involved in that bomb blast, will you have the spirit to go for such a vain campaign less than 24 hours after? Answer me, don’t look like a moron!
Look, the rally had been fixed long before the unfortunate Nyanya bomb blast. You must learn to separate sentiment from the business of governance. No attack should stop government from working, which is what the terrorists want to achieve.
You are spilling ultra rubbish. Is the campaign the President went for part of governance? Was it governance? He went in pursuit of his partisan, parochial interest and you call that governance? There is a word called expediency. It would have been expedient to cancel or even postpone the said rally in deference to the memory of the victims and their families.
Is it for nothing that the photograph of the President, Adamu Mu’azu and the Olubadan in a celebratory mood cutting a cake at the latter’s birthday, on one hand sharply juxtaposed the picture of the UK High Commissioner to Nigeria, donating blood to the blast victims, went viral? The two incidents took place same day. While we mourned, the President was jocund and exultant.
Don’t you know what the President and his PDP did is a sad throwback to Emperor Nero fiddling away while Rome burnt?
You do not get it. Even if the President stayed back in Abuja, it would not have undone what had happened. In any case, the President had not only gone to the scene of the attack, he had indeed gone to the various hospitals to commiserate with the victims. He had also ordered that their medical bills be picked by the Ministry of Health. Can’t you see his level of concern?
All we are saying is that the idea of a wild campaign less than a day after such bloody violence on the citizenry smacks of criminal indifference on the part of the President and his party chieftains. After all, receiving Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau into the PDP can be done any other day or month, especially as the battle of 2015 is almost a year away.
Please mind your language. The President did not go for a campaign. It is Unity Rally which had also taken place in four other geo-political regions before.
You are playing on semantics. What is the difference between the style and content of the so-called unity rally and full blast campaign? The political regalia, dance, songs, bands, razzmatazz, human mobilization,  campaign promises etc. etc., are all taking place now. So what is the difference? Don’t forget that the President had in the first round of his campaigns gone round the country meeting monarchs of the land in their various domains. It was all preparatory for this campaign.
Look, let me tell you: the PDP has subtly begun its campaign for 2015, ahead of the official permit from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), which seems intimidated by the stature of the presidency from applying and enforcing the rules against pre-emptive campaigns.
You are twisting issues. Recall that under former President Obasanjo, he used to do state visits where he went round the country. You did not accuse him then of early campaigns. But because it is President Jonathan, the man you people delight in pummeling unduly, you accuse him of breaching the law.
Another bunkum! Obasanjo visited states at the time to commission the projects of the various state governors, not mount podium to address party faithful. You can see the desperation of the ruling party to hold on to power.
Even when some innocent 129 girls were abducted in a Government Secondary School, Chibok, the PDP was yet in a campaign gear.
Haba! Be fair to Mr President. The Chibok girls were abducted Monday night and nobody knew about it until Tuesday and that was long after the Unity Rally had begun.
You are talking like a layman. You mean some 129 Nigerians were abducted by insurgents and 24 hours after Mr President was not aware? Is that what you are saying? Or you are saying that because the campaign gear of the presidency had been engaged, abduction or no abduction, the campaign train must roll all the same? Which one?
You are just being mischievous.  Mr President is deeply concerned about the security situation in the country. You are aware that he summoned an emergency security council meeting last Thursday. And that cannot be the sign of insensitivity. Mr President is not a witch or magician to know what the Boko Haram  knaves are planning.
Look, the security architecture of the military is being reviewed and strengthened to lock down the activities of the insurgents. The strategies being implemented are not for public discussion. So give some credit for the efforts being made. Yes, we are not there yet, but suffice it to say that the government is not resting on its oars on this matter.
Well, if you ask me, we have come to our wit’s end on this issue. All we need do now is seek divine intervention.

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