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NIGERIA: Obiano Advocates Sacrifice, Forgiveness

Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra StateGovernor Willie Obiano of Anambra State has described the Easter period as a time Christians should be reminded of the sacrifice Christ made for their redemption and also love and forgive others.
According to his Easter message, it provided a chance for Christians after denying themselves of the usual comfort during the Lenten period,  united them with fellow Christians across the globe to celebrate God’s sacrifice for mankind.
“But Easter is also a Season for sober reflection on our lives and the renewal of our personal covenant with God and our relationship with our family and friends.
“Fellow Anambrarians, no time is humanity more vividly reminded of the significance of Sacrifice to human progress and advancement on all facets of life than the Easter period. Every Easter, the entire Christendom is forced to recall that our Salvation is a product of priceless sacrifice.
“Beloved Anambrarians, as we re-unite with our loved ones and friends this Easter, I urge you to devote a little time to reflect on your relationship with your neighbours and the personal sacrifices that we must all make to create a better society for ourselves and our children yet unborn.
“Since I became your governor, I have tried to draw your attention to the challenges of governance and the sacrifices we must all make to bring our dream of a prosperous Anambra State to reality. Our struggle to rescue our cities and communities from the vicious grip of criminals demands a measure of sacrifice from every Anambrarian".
“So, while we re-join our loved ones and friends for the joys and happiness of Easter, we must remember not to lose our vigilance. Experience has shown that the enemies of our happiness have always seized on the laxity of people during festive periods to wreak havoc on the innocent. We cannot afford to concede an inch of ground to these enemies of the state in the on-going fight to reclaim our freedom from our brothers and sisters who have turned against us”, he charged

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