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Boko Haram: Women Clergy Vow To Strip, Point Breasts to God in protest

Nigerian  clergy women  today trooped out in number in protest of the recent happenings in the country. The group which comprises female Pastors, Prophetesses, Rev. Sisters, Pastor’s wives and evangelists say they were ready to use every means, including their ‘breast’ to pray to God for intervention. The women of God said they were ready to use the power of women as manifested in the bible to rise against all kinds of violence in the country. 
The group who were all clad in black attires said they were ready to strip naked before God and pray to God, using the very ‘breast’ the Boko Haram insurgents sucked at some point to reach out to God in Protest.
Speaking during the protest march that metamorphosed into a courtesy call at the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission in Abuja, where the Association took their protest to the Executive Director, one of the women of God, Pastor Mama Praise said, ‘’ we stand with the authority of the most high and declare today that all forms of violence in our land be put to an abrupt end.
These Boko Haram members were all born by women, and at some point, we fed them with our breast, the same breast will be a curse unto them if we expose it while crying to God and pointing it to the high heavens.’’
Also speaking , the President, Nigerian women in clergy, Prophetess Nonnie Roberson said Nigerian women were angry over the ongoing event in the country, particularly the inversion of the country by Boko Haram terrorists. While introducing the group to the Director, she said ‘’we are ordained women ministers of God who have taken up our responsibilities as wailing women as posited in Jeremiah chapter 9. Our mission is taking a spiritual stand against injustice in the Land.
We engage and operate in spiritual warfare and advocacy having been mandated to raise our voices for the voiceless woman; we are advancing against the wickedness in the land like Deborah, rebuilding the walls like Nehemiah and displacing the ungodly like Esther. We are also committed to intercession, projecting peace, supporting good governance and promoting righteousness in the leadership of our dear Nation. ‘’
Speaking further on the current situation in the currently, especially with regard to incessant violence, she said, “we have observed with dismay, the deterioration which has characterized our beloved country in almost every facet of our polity. Indeed, death is no longer entering through the normal cause but has entered even palaces through windows and cut off the young men and children on the streets. The spade of wanton shedding of innocent blood is unprecedented, our women and girl children are raped indiscriminately.
Kidnapping and child trafficking has taken notorious international dimension. There is absolute moral decadence among our youths who have been brainwashed into depraved pawns for use by self-seeking politicians, ritual wealth seekers, baby factory operators and so on. These and the satanic insurgency in the land are products of evil wind that cannot be stopped solely by conventional interventions. Winds are commanded to be still by divine mandate. Our voice is our weapon against all the ills that threaten the socio-economic development of Nigeria as a whole.’’
Responding, the Executive Director of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission, Mr. John Kennedy, thanked the women for their patriotism. John Kennedy who had earlier been asked by the women to become their patron said being his mother; he had no choice but to accept the offer.

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