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Nigeria: Is it Ignorance or partisan nonsense?

Abuja BlastIf a terrorist bombs a bus park full of civilians or abduct and kill innocent students what is his immediate objective?

ANSWER: To bring the state to it's knees and effectively paralyze governance.

What is the leader of government expected to do when home grown terrorists attack our country?

ANSWER: Sympathize with the bereaved and injured, re-assure the citizens, get his security chiefs to hunt down the perpetrators and then continue with scheduled official activities so as to restore the confidence of citizens and encourage the majority to defiantly go about their duties.

He may or may not visit the crime scene depending on the nature of the terrorist activity and of course if he has received clearance from security agents to visit the location. If not, he can go on a later date when the ground zero and it's immediate environment has been secured.

Terrorists use bombing of public places to draw out leaders and possibly inflict a major hit on the country by taking out or embarrassing the President. The symbol of the nation's power and sovereignty is the President and commander in chief of the armed forces.

It takes a total absence of knowledge to recommend that a president cocoons himself in Aso Rock and cancels all engagements to "honor" terrorists. In that case the terrorists have won the battle and all they need to do to totally paralyze our country is to strike in Zango, Kafanchan, Okoboru-Itu, Ijesha etc and our president will be canceling state engagements or follow our ignorant play book and run from pillar to post.

When an ex-head of state is the person recommending paralysis of government activities because of terrorists it should tell a lot about the leadership credentials of that ex-leader and offers insights into why it was possible for such a leader to be removed from power as a military leader without a single bullet being fired in his defense. Now that's weakness and/or cluelessness of monumental proportions.

Governmental paralysis is enough signal for all foreigners and investors to leave while the citizens go into perpetual fear mode.

Is that what you want or are you posting out of ignorance????

JOK 16/4/14

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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