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CONFERENCE NOTE Rapists in Fresh Trouble

A delegate, Lucy Offiom Tuesday added her voice to the call by a fellow woman that rapists should be castrated as a price for their conduct.

“I am in support of the call for proper punishment for the culprits. But in addition to the call for the castration of rapists, I suggest that they should also be ostracised”. A notable woman activist, Joe Oke Odumakin also joined the army of women seeking a pound of flesh from their male counterpart for alleged misdeeds.

Hear her: “All those who perpetuate women violence must be ready to go for life imprisonment”  The delegate’s outburst threw the conference into a noisy atmosphere. At this stage, the Deputy Chairman, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi joking said the continued calls for castration of men involved in rape is getting scary.

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