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Ado Ekiti: Remaking of a State Capital

 Akinbami Faloye writes that the administration of Governor Kayode Fayemi is leaving no stone unturned to making Ado-Ekiti a quintessential state capital
Prince Aderemi Fasiku was in Ado, the Ekiti State capital, recently to visit an old friend he had not seen in many years. Fasiku, also from Omuo in Ekiti East Local Government area of the state, had sojourned abroad for many years. He was therefore on holiday in the country and deemed it fit to see his friend.  He stayed three days in Ado with a plan to leave for Lagos on Sunday.

Arriving Ado on a Friday, he began to ask his friend certain questions that typified the exposure of a progressive mind. The questions included how the state government had fared and what has Governor Kayode Fayemi had done in Ekiti?

Fasiku had heard stories about the effort of the administration which included the renovation of schools, road reconstruction etc. he had learnt that the health system had improved and that Ado-Ekiti has become  a small London. A lot, he was told, had happened in the period he was away.

But for the answers to these questions, Fasiku’s host had a plan. He would not let him go until he visited some places within the town and the facility tour thus began.

Driving through major roads in Ado, the man saw the wonders- wonders that have become of the state capital. He was amazed at what he saw. From the Fajuyi Park to Adebayo Road, Ojumose, Atikankan, Okeyinmi, Post Office Road, Old and New Garage as well as Ajilosun, he need not be told any more stories.

He sighted other places like Mugbagba, Idemo, Irona, Ilawe Road, GRA, Iyin Road and saw that all have changed. The old stories had given way to new ones. The pot holes of the past were all gone. Smooth ride it was through the routes that he traversed with his host.
When the short trip ended that fateful Sunday afternoon, all the visitor could utter was: “Indeed, this man (Kayode Fayemi) has done well. I don’t need anything else to convince me. At least, I’ve seen things myself and I’m more than impressed with all I saw.”

With this excitement, Fasikun promised to take the news back abroad.   Those in the diaspora, he exclaimed, will hear about this. “The great transformation in Ekiti State will be relayed to the world!

“I have seen it all. It is a great opportunity for me to see what the state government has done within Ado and beyond, I cannot comprehend it all. I give kudos to the Governor Kayode  Fayemi  for the great efforts and determination to turn Ekiti State around. I give the Governor a big applause,” he stated  

No doubt, the efforts of Governor Fayemi at reconstructing the roads and putting the state capital at a well deserved pedestal comparable to others have yielded great results. And this could be seen in the air of economic and social activities within the state.
But Fasikun is not the only one telling the story; visitors and indigenes alike daily pour encomiums on the government of the day. The transformation appears to have awed many.

Kehinde Abass, a driver, remarked: “What Governor Fayemi has done with the roads in Ado is quite commendable. Something like this has not happened in a long time. The quality of work done is excellent. There was no single road in Ado without potholes before.”

Entering Ado from any of the adjoining routes of Ikere, Ilawe, Iyin, Ifaki, Ikare axis, an overwhelming change stares one in the face. For visitors, a trip within the state capital during the day gives the picture of a busy metropolis. The scene of a huge construction site of the past has given way to a beauty to behold.

“Really, Ado has changed for better. The pleasing view of the town indicates a total deviation from what used to be. The rapid development that has taken place within a short time remains unprecedented. The town appears more attractive and peaceful as usual,” Kunle Jemilehin, an Engineer and resident, noted.

So much for the outlook during the day, an evening out in the town is breathtaking.  Adebayo road, Fajuyi Park, Okesha, Ojumose, Post Office and Ajilosun are sceneries to behold. Darkness has given way to light. The illumination of the streets is quite alluring, portraying an entirely new picturesque.

Infrastructural development is the second key on the 8-points agenda of the Fayemi administration. Today, no one is left in doubt on the commitment to this goal. No part of Ekiti is inaccessible again.  Major intra-township roads that were hitherto decrepit have all been reconstructed.

Commissioner for Housing, Urban and Regional Development, Remi Olorunleke, pointed out that Ekiti people should not have expected less from the present administration.

“We have witnessed great infrastructural and urbanisation development in the state. What has happened in Ado is a pointer to the fact that Mr. Governor is determined to give new era to governance in Ekiti. We have seen the demonstration of unhindered vision, passion, dedication and leadership.”

The Commissioner explained that the new look of the state capital would be more appreciated when other legacy projects under construction are completed this year. The beautification of Ado-Ekiti remains in focus. There has been steady work at the Government House a top the Oke Bareke Hill, while the State Pavilion on New Iyin road has continued to take new shape each day.

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