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NIGERIA: First Lady Denies Plans to Install Three State Governors in 2015

The First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, has denied the reports that she plans to install at least three state governors in the 2015 elections.

Some media publications yesterday alleged that the first lady was set to install three governors in Rivers, Bayelsa and Bauchi States, against the popular wish of the people.
But Mrs. Jonathan in statement signed by her media assistant, Mr. Ayo Adewuyi, said the report was not only spurious but a figment of the imagination of the author.

She appealed to the governors of Bayelsa and Bauchi States to ignore the mischief-makers who are bent on disrupting the peace prevailing in the states.

The first lady said at no time did she withdraw her support for the Minister of Education, Chief Nyesom Wike, in his quest to be next governor of Rivers State.  She said she would work with the minister in the interest and good of the people of the state.

Noting that she was “solidly behind Wike,” the first lady described him as the leader of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in the state who enjoys the followership of the people.
The statement read: “We consider this a figment of the imagination of the writers of the spurious story. It is also expedient to state clearly that the first lady does not meddle in the affairs and selection process of the ruling party, the PDP.

“Consequently, there is no way she can dictate or install anybody into political offices. In the case of Rivers State, the first lady wishes to state categorically that Wike is the leader of the PDP in Rivers State and he enjoys the followership of the people of the state. The first lady is solidly behind him.

“The people of Rivers State are also solidly behind Wike and are prepared to follow him.
“It is therefore mischievous to insinuate that Mrs. Jonathan is working to ensure that the governorship candidate comes from one of the riverine areas of Rivers State which may not be where the people are going.

“It is also imperative to state that the first lady is always with the people and will continue to go with the wish and expectations of the people.

“Mrs. Jonathan has not withdrawn her support for Wike at any time and will always work for the interest and the good of Rivers people. As far as the first lady is concerned, there is no shaking in Rivers State.

“The allegation in the story is the handiwork of those mischief makers who are bent on promoting bickering and animosity among people who have always being together working for the improvement of Rivers State, and should be discountenanced,“ its said.

“In the same write-up, the first lady is also portrayed as positioning some other candidates to take over from the incumbents in Bayelsa and Bauchi States in an attempt to pitch them against the governors.

“Dr. Waripomowei Dudafa is not only a son to the president but his staff and very close to the family. Dudafa is not ready to quit his job to contest governorship election. Similarly, the FCT Minister has been a competent and loyal appointee of Mr. President.

“Both of them are loyal to Mr. President and their governors. They are sons of the first lady as the mother of the nation, who also has very cordial relationships with the governors in question and will

never interfere in any process that will lead to the emergence of governorship candidates in the states.
“The first lady is a mother of peace who believes in the supremacy of the party and democratic principles at all levels and does not dump her friends because of politics, whether they are contesting or not.

“She therefore, urges all Nigerians to uphold the truth at all times, and not be swayed by actions of mischief makers.”

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