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400 Indonesians in Nigeria Vote in Country’s Legislative Elections

 The Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Sudirman Hanseng, yesterday revealed that no fewer than 400 Indonesians would be casting their votes in Nigeria in the Indonesian legislative elections, slated for April 9.

Sudirman, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the voting in Lagos, said the election would also be conducted in Abuja on April 6. The envoy said the election was being conducted, ahead of the Indonesian legislative elections.

“Here in Lagos (yesterday), 200 Indonesians are voting to elect their choices of representatives in the election. And another 200 will on April 6, be voting in Abuja and other parts of Nigeria. This is to tell the world that Indonesians can now vote for who they want as their leaders from any part of the world. Indonesians in Nigeria are among those interested in the democratic process”, he added.

Sudirman said the results of the elections conducted in Nigeria, would secretly be sent through Close Circuit Television (CCTV) to the Indonesian electoral body, to avoid fraud and manipulation.

The Administrative Secretary and Director of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Lagos State, Mr. Isaac Itegboje, who came to observe the elections, described the voting as “very interesting”.
Itegboje noted that the election process had given equal opportunity of participation to Indonesians at home and abroad. He said the conduct of the election was hitch-free, with a determination on the part of the officials and voters for a successful election.

One of the voters, Mr. Dony Henrawan, expressed happiness that he was able to vote for his candidates of choice even while in Nigeria.

Dony said every vote from Indonesians wherever they were, would give them sense of belonging and participation in their country’s affairs.
“Every vote from any Indonesian must count in all elections. We believe every vote counts whether in Indonesia or from those in other parts of the world,” he told NAN.

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