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Nigerians rise in support of Okpala, condemn NFF

Following the denial by the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF scribe, Barrister Musa Amadu that disengaged former Assistant Coach of the Super Eagles, Sylvanus Okpala was merely blackmailing the NFF by dragging the name of  President Goodluck Jonathan into the dispute he has with the federation, Nigerians have risen in support of the ex international.
Reacting online to NFF’s attack on Okpala through a statement by it’s spokesman, Ademola Olajire, some Nigerians have described the NFF as an insensitive organisation which should pay off Okpala if it doesn’t need his services anymore.
Reacting from Abuja, Austin Ekanem said the NFF was only trying to intimidate Okpala, asking rhetorically “can the NFF debunk his assertions?”, adding that they should pay him what is due him.
Another reader, Ofem Willie advised the NFF president, Aminu Maigari to take it easy on the Okpala case because what is good for the goose is also good for the gander while Olajuyin Ekundayo just wrote, “Maigari, pay this man off. Period.”
“I don’t care what you say Barrister  Musa Amadu. I totally believe what Mr. Okpala said. You can lie until you turn blue and evaporate, we all believe him. It actually sounds like something Maigari would say to intimidate someone,” wrote Thenjiwe Obong.
According to Edward Osadebay,  â€œrelieving a man of his means of livelihood is not a small matter. Can these (people) respond to the allegations Okpala made other than showing their in-human frame of mind. We were all here when the NFF headed by Maigari threatened so many times to report Nigeria to FIFA.
What are they now saying? That they did not? When you threaten a country, the President as embodiment of that country is threatened. NFF have no respect for the President or Nigerians. If not for public outcry, Keshi would have been sacked by these (people) parading (themselves) as football administrators.”

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