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2015: Youth Group Urges Jonathan to Declare Interest

A youth group under the auspices of Goodluck Initiative For Transformation (GIFT-2015), has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to without further delay declare his intention to re-contest for the presidential post in 2015.
National Cordinator of the group, Chinedu Okpalama, who led a massive crowed to stage a march on the major streets of Abuja yesterday said the ‘solidarity march’ brought together people and groups from all the geographical zones of the country who have come to urge President Jonathan to re-contest.
“This solidarity march today (yesterday) has brought together people and groups from all the geographical zones of this country, different religious backgrounds and party affiliations. They have come out to answer our call in one voice to show Nigerians and the world that we support this government, and that our president is doing well.
“Our message is clear, which is that we love our country-Nigeria-and believe that we are on the right course for a greater tomorrow. We believe that President Jonathan, at this point and time in our history, is the best choice for our future, and that he truly is a GIFT from God to us as a people; and we want him to continue in office by declaring to run again for President in 2015,” he said.
Okpalama noted that President Jonathan, for many months, had been quiet in the face of falsehood and propaganda being peddled against him by a few individuals and groups, “who are hell bent on dragging our nation back to the years of politics of hate, division and impunity.”
He said group of individuals have been heating up the polity with spiteful abusive statements, inciting the people against each other, disrespecting the president and presidency.
The national coordinator also said the Jonathan-led administration had been faced with calculated sabotage since after the 2011 general election.
“Since 2011 when President Jonathan was sworn in as president of this country, after an election certified by Nigerians and the international community as the freest elections ever held in the history of our democracy, this government has faced the greatest orchestrated challenges of calculated sabotage and misinformation aimed solely for selfish reasons centred around grabbing power at all costs,” he added.
He however stated that Nigerians should understand that the myriads of challenges facing the nation did not start recently, and would naturally take time to be tackled completely.
“The problems of Nigeria did not start in 2011, or 2007. To expect this government to wave a magic wand and flip a switch that makes all the rot of decades ago vanish is unrealistic and mischievous. True change can only take place when the people become responsive to the change they require. We are witnessing that gradual change, and we are saying the only way to ensure this change becomes fully effective is by sustaining continuity.
President Jonathan should immediately declare to run for president in 2015, as we believe that the transformation agenda of the current government is working and should be continued,” the group leader stated.
The group also promised to mobilise and campaign for President Jonathan’s re-election in 2015 should he declare to contest.

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