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The day is breaking in Jigawa, Nigeria

The Vanguard of March 27, 2014 page 40, carried the interview of the ex-governor, Saminu Turaki. Left to many observers within or outside the state, the launching of Saminiyyah Movement or any political activity by anyone, I repeat anyone in Jigawa cannot intimidate, shake or scare the Jigawa people for the trust, love, confidence and loyalty they have for Sule Lamido.

When Sule Lamido came to power in 2007 Jigawa was at the peak of political, social, economic and even mental degeneration.
But within a short time he has restored a new social life for the people by providing almost all the necessary developmental facilities that changed the social, economic and mental thinking of the people of the state.

You cannot imagine seeing the condition of our schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure at that time. It was with the intervention of the EFCC that some of the stolen monies were recovered and other investments regained.

He was first arraigned by the EFCC before a high court of the Federal Capital Territory in 2007 on a 32-count charge of misappropriating over N36 billion. Also, the acclaimed projects by Saminu Turaki, like the Hadejia Sugar Processing Company, Gumel Flour Mills Company, and Burnin-Kudu Dairy Processing Company etc are not true either.

Committee members
They were initiated by a Jigawa military ruler, Col Ibrahim Aliyu, between 1993-1996! There were about three governors between them. It is on record that Alhaji Daudu Saleh, the Sarkin Fulanin of  Hadejia and Yamusa, among others, were among the committee members.

The people of Jigawa suffered seriously in those days and now the equation has changed, because we are now reaping the benefits/dividends of democracy. Now that Lamido has put in place the most democratic legacy, the entire political aura  in the state of hysteria as to who will succeed the most successful governor ever produced by the state in its over 20 years of existence.

The gossips, the political analysts and the entire populace are overwhelmingly convinced that the political gladiators in the state across board cannot produce a match to Sule Lamido, let alone surpassing his credentials and achievements.

This is a must believe, because the man Lamido is an experienced politician.  And don’t forget that his political association with political heavy-weights across the globe is his political asset that cannot be matched, at least, with any person in Jigawa State.

But with all these, his critics may have the temerity to see things otherwise. Sule is to such people an arrogant and unforgiving political emperor.  Well, that is their own understanding of the person, but the fact remains that Sule is undeniably a people’s governor who has succeeded in making positive impacts on our lives.

Sule was absolutely radical and knew no fear. He wouldn’t want to be cowed in any situation. Lamido was never a conservative element. Apart from his religious leaning, I have never seen his conservative nature.
But Lamido is now a relatively changed person. Maybe because of the enormous burden of leadership, age and other things.

As Sule Lamido is about to go in 2015 and is going with his experience, foresight, oversight and of course, the wisdom of old age, who is to succeed him? That is the crucial and the biggest question in Jigawa politics today.
Imposing candidates may not be Lamido’s political disposition.

Sule has asserted that by August the candidate may emerge and that process will carry all the people along in this decision. Some people may not want to see a vigorous person who can hold the tempo in which the present administration tackles issues of developmental activities.

But how this can happen depends entirely on Sule Lamido, as far as PDP is concerned. For APC, one cannot predict as the party is not yet on ground to enable the people assess its activities.  Sule Lamido is regarded as the strongest man in Jigawa politics and he will do everything possible to see a good and legitimate person emerge.

Lamido should be commended, appreciated as the best administrator Jigawa ever had, and he should be given a breathing space because he has made a lot of sacrifices for Jigawa and the country at large.
The day is breaking in Jigawa.

*Adamu is the Special Adviser to the Jigawa State Governor on Media.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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