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The attention of the Delta State Government has been drawn to the press briefing by Hon Dino Malaye alleging mismanagement of funds, specifically the N9b excess crude funds released to the state in december 2012.
It will be recalled that in the last 2years, the fund allocation from the federation has been dwindling. States have therefore been requesting for the release of part of the excess crude fund to deal with outstanding commitments.
  The excess Crude referred to by Dino Malaye came in two tranches of N1,090,380,894.61 and N8,348,064,864.52 on 10th December, 2012.
Meanwhile the sum of N22,677,938,653.12 was being owed contractors and Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) mainly for capital projects. The N9b was therefore used to offset part of this commitment.
Contrary to the impression given by Dino Malaye that the money was spent in less than 3days, payment commenced in mid December, 2012 and closed at the end of January, 2013 a period of over 6weeks.
All the payments were duly budgeted for and due process duly followed.
It must be noted that the Delta State Govt uses the ICT based SAP financial management system which has ensured transparency in our payment system.
It is on record that many people have complained of the strict payment system by the Delta State Government. This is to ensure proper record keeping and accountability.
It is well known that the Delta State Govt has been pursing the Delta Beyond Oil Agenda to ensure that in future the State does not have to depend on Federal Allocation alone for survival.
The Hon Comm for Finance will be addressing the press in the next few days to give details of the financial management system.
We urge Hon Malaye to properly investigate whatever information they get before coming out with allegations that are frivolous.

Comrade Ovuozorie Macaulay (Secretary to Delta State Govt) 26th March, 2014.

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