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NIGERIA: Food crisis hits confab

*Delegates reaching for the microphone at conference. PHOTO: Gbemiga Olamikan. Tales of food shortages for the delegates at the national confab continued to be an issue, yesterday. Monday, the actual first day of plenary recorded the worst day. Food was in drastic short supply.
Members of the conference complained and murmured among themselves. Luckily, their murmuring reached the ears of the secretariat that at the resumption of plenary after the lunch hours, the secretary of the conference, Dr. Valarie Azinge formally addressed the issue.
“Honorable delegates, it has come to our notice that most of you did not get food to eat. We are very sorry about that. We promise that it will not repeat itself tomorrow.”
Tuesday, the second day, was supposed to witness adequate food supply but to the chagrin of some delegates, the food still didn’t go round again.
A delegate who felt bad over the issue couldn’t hold it back to herself alone.
She told Vanguard that “the food didn’t get to me again.”
But Wednesday proved a bit better for the conference as food was said to have gone round for the delegates.
Some members however attributed it to the departure of many members who opted to have their lunch outside the conference venue.
Their departure was necessitated by the early lunch break which the conference observed due to a special session held by the chairmen and some nominees to brainstorm on the voting pattern.

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