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Boko Haram: Anti-terror Group Calls for Urgent Global Intervention

A group, Nigeria Arise Against Terror (NAAT), has called on the international community to help the federal government in the fight against terrorism.
NAAT stated this in support of the clarion call by the Bauchi State Governor, Isa Yuguda, for global effort to urgently end the orgy of terrorism ravaging the North-east region of the country.
In a statement issued by NAAT Publicity Secretary, Malam Abba Aliyu, at the weekend in Abuja, the interim National Coordinator of the group, Hon. Emeka Kanu-Nwapa, said NAAT had reasons to believe that most of the attacks in the region recently suggested that the war has gone beyond the Boko Haram insurgency and has now gone international.
Yuguda recently stated in an interview in London with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) monitored in Abuja that since some of the attackers now come from across Nigeria’s North-east borders with Chad, Niger and Cameroon, the face of the insurgency has shifted from a national to an international operation.
“Fighting a guerilla war is very difficult and especially if you have pockets of insurgents in various locations that are not easily identifiable, and especially when we have reasons to believe that this is not a national affair but an international one,” Yuguda was quoted as saying.
NAAT therefore commended the governor for what it called consistent and pragmatic approach to effectively check the activities of the terrorists in his once-restive state, noting that it shared his view as it is now difficult to conclude with accuracy that terrorists’ attacks on military barracks, schools, villages, churches, mosques, banks and police stations were being solely perpetrated by Boko Haram sect alone without the active connivance of insurgents from across the nation’s border.
According to the group, “we wish to urge the international community to take special judicial notice of Yuguda’s submissions, which he said ‘terrorists all over the world have strong network, which world leaders when world leader can only break by acting together.’
“These terrorist are well-connected because they share information, technology, weapons and finance. It is only when world leaders rise together against terror wherever it rears its ugly head that we can achieve meaningful results.
“The time therefore has come for world leaders to assist Nigeria in view of the significant roles we have been playing to maintain peace and stability in the West African sub-region.”
NAAT further urged other well-meaning leaders and statesmen in the country to add their voices to the campaigns against the terror and violence in Benue, Plateau and Nasarawa States, noting that terror against one is terror against all.
“This is not the time for any leader to play politics with the violence going on in these states. Terror against any Nigerian is terror against all Nigerians irrespective of age, sex, creed, region, religion or location.
The time for all Nigerians to rise against terror in the land is now. It is only when we make the move that the entire world can move with us,” the group said.
The accident, which occurred at about 12p.m. around  Igbogune town in Edo State, close to Okada town,  involved   a Toyota Hiaces  bus with registration number   WWR 625 XA Delta   and a trailer with registration number LSR 649XK, Lagos.
THISDAY checks revealed that all the passengers on board the ill-fated bus belonging to a popular transport company, God is Good Motors, died on the spot.
An eyewitness account said the bus was travelling from Lagos to the East   and was driving in the opposite direction when the accident occurred.
The bus, which was full to capacity was said to have ran into the stationary trailer with the inscription Singeobi Transport Limited.
As at the time of filing this report, sympathisers were seen removing the dead bodies to the nearest hospital  as  officers  and men of  the FRSC and  the police were yet to arrive the scene.

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