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North-west: Resource Sharing, Devolution of Power are Key

The upcoming national conference, according to its proponents is aimed at resolving long standing impediments to peace, harmony, mutual understanding and national cohesion, and to engender development. The Northwest has interest groups and ethnic nationalities with varied interests and aspirations and as such the region cannot be termed monolithic in the true sense of the word.
But interestingly, the zone seemed to have spoken with one voice going by the submissions of representatives from states within the zone on what they expect from the union and how to make the Nigerian project work better.
Substantially, the possition of the Northwest is not different from those canvassed by the ACF, particularly in the area of devolution of power and resource sharing.
Participants from Sokoto, Zamfara and Kebbi States at the zonal public hearing for the North West held at the Sultan Maccido Institute of Quran and General Studies, who advocated for the devolution of powers. In his presentation on behalf of Sokoto State, former Minister of Youth Development, Alhaji Inuwa Abdulkadir, stressed that there was the need to address core issues in terms of structure of government, resource control and sharing and canvassed for the devolution of powers by reducing the responsibility currently being borne by federal government.
Similarly, the people of Kebbi State advocated for devolution of powers, as the present arrangement in which the constitution vests too much power in the federal government through the exclusive legislative list has generated many negative effects in the federation. He canvassed for the devolution of powers from the federal government to states, lamenting that the resources that were being allocated to state governments were inadequate to meet the desired development targets.
In a presentation made on behalf of the people of Kebbi State, Justice Ibrahim Umar asserted that a lot of powers and responsibilities now borne by federal government should devolve to the states and local government areas with a concomitant review of the revenue allocation formula to reflect the devolution of powers. He advocated that states should not be created but rather more local government councils should be created in response to yearnings of local communities.

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