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Nigeria Ranks Second on List of World’s Least Sexually Active Countries

For a country that boasts a high population growth rate and is expected to hit 300 million by the second half of this century, Nigeria, curiously, has been rated second on the list of least-sexually active countries in the world, second only to Japan.
Latest data released by has shown that only 15 per cent of Japanese are happy with their sex lives – perhaps unsurprising, given how little of it they’re having. Another shocking statistics shows that around 45 per cent of women in Japan report that they are uninterested in – or despise – sexual contact.
In the case of Nigeria the survey states: “…what’s interesting about Nigeria is that not only are they having sex about as frequently as those in the United States, but their satisfaction rate is at 67 per cent.”
Comments on other countries were as follows:
· America: “…this is an interesting number, given how sexualised the media is in the States. In an age where the internet is very influential and porn is generally seen to be rampant in the States, it’s perhaps surprising that only 53 per cent of Americans are having sex weekly.”
· United Kingdom: “Out of the 55 per cent of the UK residents having sex weekly, only 40 per cent of Britons are satisfied with what they are getting.”
· Canada – “The northern neighbours of the United States are definitely finding other things to do in the winter snow than having sex.”
· Australia – “Over half of the citizens of Australia are having sex every week… In fact, they even have a party dedicated to overcoming religious influence in politics known as the Australian Sex Party.”
· Singapore: “In Singapore, while 62 per cent of the population is having sex weekly, there’s only a 35 per cent satisfaction rate. Ironically – and a common feature on this list – Singapore is one of the countries that have a booming industry when it comes to the sex business.”
· Holland – “In a country where prostitution is not only legal, but also regulated, it might be a bit surprising to see this country on the list (and the satisfaction rate sitting at only 50 per cent).”
· New Zealand – “Over in New Zealand, only 63 per cent of the Kiwis are getting lucky weekly, so perhaps it’s no surprise that only 43 per cent of the country’s citizens report to be satisfied with their sex lives.”
· Thailand – “Many might be surprised that Thailand is featuring here – after all, the country has a very well known reputation for sex tourism. But alas, only 65 per cent of Thailand’s citizens report having sex weekly.”

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