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National Confab: Kogi Youths demand Mayor, support resource control

Ahead of the national conference, the Youths of Kogi central have advocated for the establishment of Mayor to solve the problems of social-political inequality in the country.

Mr Shaibu Stephen Ojate, civil right activist made this remark while addressing Journalists in Abuja on his positions for the national conference. He said, the people of Ebiraland have been marginalised in the scheme of things noting that Mayor will correct the anomaly. He said Mayor become important because it will not only solve the problem of political inequality; thus it will put an end to the issue of bad governance in the state.

‘Kogi Central needs mayor. We want Mayor to control our resource and administer our locality. The current system where Governor of the state control and dictate who gets what should be jettisoned as it breeds unhealthy rivalry between ethnic groups that constitute the state. This current system of government does not encourage even development.’

‘We have been having Governor in Kogi state and no even development across the state. The Governor only concentrates the developmental projects in the senatorial district where he hailed from’. This is what we have been experiencing since 1999 till dates. Enough is enough. We want our own system of government different from the state’

‘We want the power of state Governor be reduced rather some of their power be given to local government chairmen in the state.’

‘On federal allocation, a system should be put in place so that every senatorial district in Nigeria gets direct federal allocation from federal government unlike the current system where state government received it’.

‘So, federal allocation under this system, the Mayor and local government chairmen in each senatorial district should control it for the development of their area’.

‘I strongly support the call for resource control. Each senatorial district in the country should control their own resource and remit tax to federal government and state government’.

Ojate equally faulted the current federal system of government and call for restructuring. He canvasses for the creation of more local government for the people of Kogi central to correct political imbalance in the state.

‘I maintained, should we continue the current federal system, I am advocating that every senatorial district in the country should have equal number of local governments to solve political imbalance in the state’.


‘The creation of equal number of local governments will solve the problem of marginalization in the state. There will be fair play in the scheme of things in the state when this is done, he said’.

Ojate noted that rotation of political position is the best things for the country and opined that it should form part of the Agenda of the Kogi Central delegates to the conference.

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