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Nigeria President need Miracle to Survive said Saudi Medical Doctor

Saudi Arabia (Hodderway Books February 26, 2010 )Medical practitioners in Saudi Arabia say that Nigerian President, Umaru Musa Yaradua has only about one month to live and that except some miracle happens, the President may not live to see April 2010.

This is the real reason why the government of Saudi Arabia asked his wife, Turai to carry the ailing president home. They feared for the fact that the president could die in their country and the possibilities of a diplomatic crisis. The medical doctors who have been attending to the president ever since he travelled in November to Saudi Arabia had briefed the Saudi King of the huge possibilities of Yaradua dying before April, and the frightened King begged the President´s wife to take her husband home to avert a huge.

The President arrived secretly and quietly on Wednesday, the 24th of February 2010 in Abuja. The President´s situation has actually taken a serious nosedive and he is a complete shadow of his former self. His condition is so terrible that he has been living in an Ambulance parked in the compound of his Aso-rock villa since he came into the country on Wednesday. He hardly eats and he looks skeletal-like an AIDS patient in the asymptomatic stage of the disease.T

his is the reason the first lady has prevented so many people-even Goodluck Jonathan from seeing the man. The team of medical doctors from Saudi Arabia have been trying their very best to revive the dying leader to no avail. On the other hand, it can be revealed that some close aides of the President have suggested that the first lady invites a controversial Nigerian pastor and healer, one T.B Joshua, to heal the ailing president. The man in question, T.B Joshua, a Christian televangelist with a cult-like following has been widely accused by critics of using satanic powers to bring healing to people with all sorts of complicated sicknesses and diseases. Close Muslim friends of the ailing president have been urging the first lady to invite the man of God to try healing the president.

The President has not said a single word since the 24th of November 2009 when he travelled to Saudi-Arabia, and even when it was reported in the Nigerian media on Thursday that the President had instructed that Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan continued serving as Acting president, it was not actually the ailing president who gave the directive, but the first lady Turai Yaradua who is seriously beginning to worry about the fact that Nigerians are becoming more and more apprehensive about her manoeuvres to keep her husband on the seat of power despite his frail condition. But the medical practitioners have warned that the President may have at most, one month to live.

This is what the first lady is keeping away from the public. Execept some miracle happens, Nigeria´s president may not survive till April 2010, and Turai Yaradua is desperate.

This report is from the  Hodderway Books February 26, 2010


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