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NIGERIA: We’re not happy with this carnage—Sultan

His eminence, Alhaji Saad Abubakar has called on government to rise to the challenge of insecurity bedeviling the country saying that Muslims are not happy with the carnage going on in the country. 
The Sultan who made the call during the closing ceremony of the National Qur’an recitation Competition held in Dutse, Jigawa State recently said over 95 percent of victims of this insurgency are Muslims.
“We are not happy with what is going on. We must rise up to the challenge and find solution to unemployment, poverty, disease, illiteracy among other issues that are bedeviling this country.
He lamented that politicians are mainly the problems of Nigeria. They go to any length to ensure that they either retain the office they are holding or they want to take up a new one forgetting the masses who are suffering. He urge all the three tiers of government to provide succour and stability to the country.
“You must continue to pray for your leaders irrespective of religion. When you pray for your leader and God leads them aright, the society will benefit. But on the other way, the community will suffer if there are bad leaders. Let both the Muslims and Christians continue to pray for the nation, We should not be tired, we should endeavour to pray harder for our leaders and the country. “
While calling on the leaders to lead very well with the fear of God, the Sultan expressed great concern over the insecurity situation in the North-East and other parts of the country. He urged government to provide security to the citizenry, adding that 98 per cent of victims of insecurity are Muslims. He advised that both the government and the insurgent group should consider dialogue as a way of ending this impasse.
On the incessant clashes between the Fulani herdsmen and the farmers in some part of this country, the Sultan said: “It is neither the issue o f religion not ethnicity, but rather, it is economic problem associated with cattle and the grazing routes.
A Fulani man knows only his cow and nothing more. I am proud to say I’m a Fulani man. He cares for his cow more than any other thing in the world. That is why we must look at the issues of herdsmen grazing route and farmers. The issue is already creeping into the South West of the country.
We have offered our advice on this issue long ago, but till moment nothing has been done. Some of the governors recently reached me on this issue and I told them we must find a lasting solution to this problem,” he said.

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