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NIGERIA: It is criminal to build a house without toilet, says expert

Osogbo – An expert in public health, Mr Monyinoluwa Segun, on Wednesday, said “it is a criminal offence for an individual to build a house without toilet facility.’’
He made the disclosure in a telephone interview.
He said “sewage disposal is very important. It is a criminal offence for anyone to build a house without toilet.’’
He, therefore, stressed the need for people to ensure the safety of the environment and control factors that could have adverse effects on people.
He added that “people must always be conscious of the purity of the water they use on daily basis, most especially in the kitchen.
“This is because the kitchen is the engine room of the house.’’
He also stressed the need for people to always wash their hands before cooking, eating and after returning from hospitals, markets  and toilets, among others.
Segun said it had been established by scientists that a gramme of excreta carried more than one million harmful bacteria, virus and parasites.
He, therefore, said “the best way to avoid communicable diseases is by washing hands always.
“People must always remember to wash their hands after using the toilet and on return from office, hospital, market, among others.
“Our children must closely be monitored to ensure that they did not only wash their hands when they come back from school, but must continue to wash hands even while in school.
“Since we all agree that prevention is better than cure, it is always advisable to be conscious of  some basic health rules instead of  spending money in the hospital for  cure.’’ (NAN)

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