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Nigeria doomed without National Conference — Braithwaite

A FORMER presidential aspirant, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite, says principalities and powers  were out to frustrate the proposed National Conference, saying that without the confab, the dream of a new Nigeria would remain bleak.
He also stressed the need for Christians not to only support the conference through prayers, but also participate actively in every way.
Braithwaite, who was the guest speaker at a 50th anniversary lecture entitled: The Church Today, convened by the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, said this in Lagos.
He  admonished Christians to get involved in political activities to salvage the country..
His words: “In a recent lecture I delivered at the Apostolic Church on the issue of the imminent National Conference in Nigeria, I had this to say, on the compelling duty and the necessity of Christians, especially the regenerate ones, to be fully involved in the conference.
Even right now, principalities and powers are at work night and day to scuttle the conference. Without a successful conference , birthing a completely new country would be impossible.  The country’s foreseeable picture would be bleak.
‘’Notwithstanding, there are on the boat of Nigeria, multitude of ethnic nationalities with diverse cultures and religious faith. We are all God’s creatures, bonded together by the love and fear of God. It is clearly wrong and uncharitable for any religion to set itself above other faith.
‘’Finally, in answer to the question on the role of the Church of Christ in the impending National Conference, our role should not be limited to prayers only. We must go out there armed with faith, determination and commitment to righteousness and be fully involved in the generational duty of salvaging our freedoms. Christians should not leave politics because it is dirty. They must go there as salt to purify it.’’

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