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NIGERIA: APC Yet to Have Clear Cut Manifesto

Months after its emergence as a mega political platform, the All Progressives Congress (APC) is yet to evolve a properly articulated manifesto that could define its goals and objectives.
Making this disclosure while fielding questions from journalists in the National Assembly yesterday, Senator Danjuma Goje (Gombe Central) said the Gombe State chapter of the party could not yet evolve the process of choosing its governorship candidate since the national leadership of APC had not properly articulated its manifesto.
Goje, who is one of the 11 senators who announced their defection from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to APC on January 29, therefore said he could not pre-empt the party by highlighting a manifesto that is yet to be properly stated.
“Since I am not going to be a governor, we have not yet articulated in detail, the manifesto of our candidate; even the manifesto of APC has not been properly articulated and circulated. I do not want to pre-empt the party. At the right time, I will give you the details,” he said.
Notwithstanding the lack of clear-cut manifesto months after its emergence, Goje boasted that given the precarious situation in which Nigeria finds itself, APC was poised to lead the nation to the path of change “that will go a long way in improving the present conditions of the people of my state and Nigeria as a whole.”
Asked why he demonstrated unforgiving spirit by failing to forgive members of PDP who gave him the opportunity to serve as governor for eight years and later sponsored his election to the Senate, Goje said the situation should not be likened to unforgiveness.
“It will be inhuman of me; it will also go against my own religion to say I do not have a place in my heart for reconciliation. Even God Almighty, who created us, many times we do not follow his instructions and rules but we believe that He will eventually forgive us if we do the right thing.
“To say that I do not have a place in my heart to forgive is not right. I am a human being. I believe that God gives us everything that we have on this earth and He gives lives to us. So, if God himself forgives, who am I not to forgive?” he asked.
On his defection along with 10 other senators which has run into a stalemate following the decision of Senate President David Mark not to read their defection letter, Goje said the stalemate notwithstanding, they had all registered as APC senators in their respective states.
Mark declined reading the letter because it is subjudice.
Goje also said it was on record that some other senators who till date have not announced their defection from the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and APC to PDP in the Senate, had defected in their respective states, insinuating that theirs was not an exception.
“It is left to whoever wants to interpret our action to interpret it the way he wants. We have gone to our constituencies during the last registration exercise of APC and registered as members and participated actively in all activities of the APC.
“So, what is left is for you to give whatever meaning you want to give to our action on the floor of the Senate. Let me say here that there are some senators who, although they did not come to the floor of the Senate, they have gone to the public, some from the other side-APC, APGA-who said they have defected to the PDP.
Of course, they have not said their own on the floor but it is in the newspapers; some of them have spoken to us privately and some in the presence of everybody. So, it is a question of interpretation,” he said.

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