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NIGERIA: Boko Haram: Troops Injured in Auto Accident

Some troops sent to the border towns of Borno and Adamawa States to flush out  Boko Haram insurgents believed to have camped nearby Sambisa Forest Reserve, were injured Wednesday when their vehicle had an accident on Madagali road.
Residents told reporters that  the accident happened on  a      bridge at Wuro Gayandi, a few kilometres away from Michika in Adamawa State.
The soldiers were on their way to the troubled  border  area of Madagali and Gwoza to flush out the dreaded members of Boko Haram.
“A tinted armoured vehicle being conveyed on a truck  crashed  into the small river, injuring the soldiers on  aboard.
“The nature of the   armoured vehicle means the injuries are more severe,” a resident, Mr.  Musa Kwaji, who assisted in conveying the injured soldiers to a nearby cottage hospital in Madagali, said. “It’s an unfortunate incident. Our key priority is to ensure the injured soldiers are suitably looked after,” a source in the hospital said.
However, the Army  spokesman, Captain Jafaru Nuhu, declined to speak on the incident.
Troops from the air force and the army have been involved in the campaign against Boko Haram in border towns in the two states that have become the hotbeds of the Boko Haram uprising.
Security sources  said heavily equipped military teams arrived in the border areas near Niger and Cameroun so as to “recapture localities subdued by terrorists.”
A senior military officer involved in the operation said most of the troops were been deployed to “volatile and highly threatened” localities where insurgents have been having a field day.
People in the border towns of Michika and Madagali  said they noticed movement of large military teams heading towards Borno and Adamawa border  in the early hours of yesterday.
“I saw many of them,” said  Na’omi Gayus  a resident of Madagali. “They appear sophisticated and well equipped.”
A resident of Gulak  said they saw dozens  of  soldiers. “They drove through the town in military tankers and luxurious buses around 2:30pm,” he said.
“Some of the vans drove through the road leading to Sambisa forest  where the insurgents usually come from to launch attacks,” another resident,  Aminu Ya’u, said.
Security sources said the military had carried out operations at  Sambisa Forest Reserve in Borno State, where insurgents were reported to have set up camps.
“A similar operation was carried out there about two months ago where some terrorists’ camps were uncovered,” a source said.

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