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NIGERIA: Stella Oduah Finally Bows Out

Stella OduahFinally, just when we thought the Stella Oduah case would be swept under the rug, the President shocked us all last week when he sacked the Aviation minister and three other ministers.
Stella Oduah had been in boiling waters since the news of her acquired BMW bulletproof cars surfaced. Add to that the matter of the fabricated academic reports. To say Nigerians were nauseated by this stench of corruption would be an understatement. After various discourse on what will be her fate, the beautiful elegant woman was shown the door. Nevertheless, she made some impact on the aviation sector, at least our airports got a deserved facelift.
Other ministers who were asked to leave to pursue their political interests include Minister of Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe; Minister of Police Affairs,Caleb Olubolade;  and Minister of State Finance,  Yerima Ngama.
Jonathan’s critics have to be on the lookout because the president is on a firing spree to prove that he has what it takes to save Nigeria from corruption.
However, we hope he will find a lasting solution to the crisis in the north. Rivers of tears flowed once again in Borno state when armed insurgents attacked Kondugu village and killed about 39 persons, destoying homes. The pool of blood in this state is overwhelming, innocent persons are being slaughtered like cattle everyday. Hopes are dashed and death seems to be a constant visitor. Will we ever be saved from this deadly trap?

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