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Group Urges Jonathan to Declare Now

A pro Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation, “the Strategic Team” (TST) has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to declare for the 2015 Presidential Election with immediate effect as further delay could be dangerous.
In a statement signed by the National Facilitator of the group, Abdulrahman Sade and the Director General Mr. Daniel Ohiomoba, the group said that the declaration by  President Jonathan for the 2015 Presidential election now was necessary because, ”he  will win the election because of the interest of the future generations”. 
According to TST, “President Jonathan stands out when compared with other Presidents of this country. It is on record that he stands out as one of the best that have ruled Nigeria.
“Despite the various security challenges, he has ensured that there is even development within the country. Today, there is improved electricity supply, good road network. Nigerians have started enjoying rail transportation and food security.
“The Lagos Ibadan road axis is now back and Nigerians can travel from Lagos to Kano and to Maiduguri by rail. Gradually, there is more than 4500 Megawatt of electricity with the major cities enjoying and 24/7 electric supply.
“The national conference to discuss the problems and challenges of Nigeria with the unity of the nation not negotiable coming up in March this year”, the statement from TST said.  
According to the group, “we are not just calling on the President to declare for the presidential election, but to contest and win because we do not see any tangible opposition to challenge him, because his records speaks volume for him”.
“We are not calling on him to declare but to declare, contest and win the presidential election. When you contest election, you showcase your records. President Jonathan has more than enough achievements as records to show for his efforts as President.
“Today in the north, we have the Almajiri Schools: Support for Girl Child Education, there is the  setting up the SURE-P; by which more jobs are being created for the Youths and eradicating fuel scarcity, the Boosting of the Economy through Trade and Investment, Freedom Of Information Bill (FOI), the Gay or Same sex Marriage prohibition Law.
“Today in Nigeria, it is no longer a carry go, as a free and fair electoral system has been enthroned in the country. There is a free, fair and playing ground for all aspirants. It is no longer a matter of garrison politics with a garrison commander, but a level playing ground”, the statement said.
TST said that their group is a coalition of grass roots that is vital to the success of project 2015 and draws a global membership and followership.
“We are strong advocates of good governance, transparency, human rights preservation, good dividends of democracy, freedom and equity. We will use our collective experiences and influences to guarantee the success of President Jonathan at the February 14 2015 presidential election”, the statement said.

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