COLD JUSTICE: Cultist Dies After molesting 5-Month-Old Pregnant Woman

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A notorious cult member, identified as Tunde Lawal, was reportedly shot in the chest during a clash with rival groups after he and another cult member identified as Para Alabi had accosted and molested a 5-month pregnant woman.

Lawal, 23 was reported to be a member of the Eiye cult group terrorising the community and reportedly met his death in the evening of Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

The duo reportedly left the woman unconscious at the scene of the rape before finding their way to where Lawal met his death. It was reported that barely an hour after Lawal and his partner-in-crime arrived at a beer pub, about 12 members of a rival cult group arrived in a big bus.

They headed straight for the place where the Eye group was seated. Almost immediately a heated argument ensued among them and members of the two groups reportedly started firing into the air as if to scare the other group and when Lawal wanted to engage the leader of the opposing group in the fight, he was shot twice in his chest.

He immediately slumped and died, lying in the pool of his blood. About six other members of the two groups were severely wounded before others took to their heels.

According to the community leader, “That boy (Lawal) and his gang are thorn in the flesh of everyone of us in this area. The most annoying aspect of it is that we heard that the parents of most of these bad boys live close to us here, but they could not call their sons to order”.

A police source at Alade Police Station claimed that some relatives of Lawal came to the station to demand for documents to enable them collect his remains from the mortuary, which they were immediately issued

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