Igbo political prostitute Dr Ezeife why Nigeria must remain united

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We’re toying with God’s design — Ezeife

Our country is blessed! Climate: no extremes, no tornadoes, no hurricanes. The geographical structure of Nigeria is very stable no volcanoes no earthquake. There are abundant material resources in flora and fauna. The ones we know already are surplus; there are many we have not yet discovered.

Our country is a great country, designed by Almighty God himself for unsurpassed greatness. Our country is the largest concentration of blacks on the face of the earth. This is our gem of a country but we are toying with it, playing with fire. North is beautiful, northern people are great; same can be said of South, East and West.

Is it not God’s intention that Nigeria should be a rallying point and big brother to all blacks on earth? Man should not mess up God’s design.


It is the manifest destiny of Nigeria to raise the dignity and respect of Nigeria. I believe, to develop into a super power to raise the dignity and prestige of Black and African persons of this world is the manifest destiny of Nigeria.

It is time to stop toying with our great luck in having a most endowed country in the world; time to take necessary action to ensure the permanence of one Nigeria; time to focus on economic development, the only measure of power known to the world. Time to turn away from the various divides- tribalism, religiosity, geographical and other negative divides.

Today, our country is threatened. Foreign countries are predicting our disintegration and we appear callously to be acting out their script.

Wake up Nigerians. To hell with political parties and their intrigues and turbulences.

How to save Nigeria

All need to ensure the permanence of one Nigeria is to ensure the President who represents the focal point of our sovereignty, to convoke a national Conference, from which must emanate a constitution about which for the first time, Nigerians can truly say, “We the people of Nigeria, make and give unto ourselves, this constitution”.

The President is in a position to do it. The National Assembly is not because they are mere agents, even tenants in the House. A tenant may mend cracks in a house. The landlord has the role of rebuilding the House. The sovereign people of Nigeria, represented by Mr. President, are the landlord.

Among the decisions we need to make is whether we have unicameral or bicameral legislature? How do members of the National Assembly deal with the conflict of interest involved? The National Assembly has no role in the constitution making. A referendum shall confirm the people’s constitution.

Let us rally around the President and bring to his awareness the urgency of a national discuss. We must stop toying with the gem God gave us.

Nigeria must not just survive. We need to restructure Nigeria to develop into a world super power. No groups of Nigerians, small or large will happily walk away from a Nigeria restructured so that things begin to work. I come from a people who have voted with their feet for one Nigeria and the best is yet to come from us. Let us put hands together to sustain one Nigeria.

A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. Only crazy bastards will sit moping and liquidate their inheritance. Nigeria must remain one unite country restructured for growth and development.

Nigeria’s major problem is injustice — Sen Kachako

Nigeria has been endowed with both natural and human resources. Its huge size in land and population and also the degree of peaceful approach to things and issues by its people have made it impossible for agents of confusion to destroy the nation’s unity in diversity.

I advice our leaders to establish an ideology on a solid work ethics; our leaders are only obliged to keep to western and Eastern ideology against our own African leadership style. Our political and cultural work ethics will never be the same hence our attitudes to life must reflect our cultural values.

The Nigerian civil war and military leadership brought about some changes. Their operations did not correspond to democracy. There is need to build a new virile nation that will stand the test of time by: •Maintaining and protecting the unity and sovereignty of Nigeria as one indivisible political nation;

•Endeavour to alleviate ignorance, poverty, corruption and negative vices in our society; •Promote mutual respect for and understanding of religions, cultures, tradition and heritage of our various communities in Nigeria; •Assist the Federal Government at all times in the protection and consideration of genuine democracy; •Propagate messages of peace, tolerance, co-existence, honesty and hard work;

•Be involved in the diffusion of tension and misunderstanding among citizens, communities and all arms and tiers of government; •Bring about a more equitable distribution of the income and wealth for promoting social and efficient production; and •Improve available standard work ethics of education, healthcare, nutrition and housing.

Nigeria is at cross roads. The politics of divide and rule is over-clouding the style or operative methods of polity in Nigeria. The Nigerian politician sees nothing good in any political issue unless it is created by his methodology.

During the First Republic, a little bit of ideology was practiced in our political parties based on the borrowed ideas of the Western and Eastern blocs. It was on the basis of communism or capitalism of Russia or America and its allies. These ideologies nearly divided Nigeria and led to the unwarranted civil war.

After the civil war, the military adopted many political parties. Their operations as political parties did not correspond to the democratic norms of politics as they were more or less run under decrees rather the constitution.

The transition to civil rule from military rule seemed a difficult thing to do. As the saying goes ‘whoever tasted the flavour of honey in a calabash container will never let it go.’ Hence, the military with the counseling of a very few civilians in power has tried to prevent proper civil rule. These and many other reasons have plunged the country into the situation we are in now.

So, it will be a disservice and lost of opportunity to take this meeting as a political gathering. This cannot be business as usual. The major problem confronting this great nation is injustice. This manifest itself in greed, dishonesty, deprivation and marginalization, etc as a result of leaders’ inadequacies, which have led to distrust, cynicism, dependency and loss of confidence in our leaders.

Way forward

We must find a final solution to the increasing crisis and disputes caused by Niger Delta, Boko Haram saga and some unpatriotic people whose nasty comments and statements always trigger indiscipline, ethnic and religious disputes and political ignorance.

We, the elders must come together and fight for our children yet unborn.

Our leaders must put a stop to corruption and misuse of our hard earned resources. They must be told to lead us in accordance with the constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria. They must follow inch-by-inch what the constitution says in order to carry everybody along in the governance of this great country.


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