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Nigeria: Gold mine waiting to be tapped

“Nigeria remains a gold mine as far as the tourism potentials are concerned. One of Nigeria’s greatest blessings in this regard is her ethnic multiplicity, which translates to uncommon diversity as regards cultural festivals and calendars.

Outside the traditional sphere, Nigeria also gains a great deal from her geography, especially with regard to vegetation and latitude or topography, which offers both tropical and near temperate climes within the country.

Covering an area of over 923,700 square km and a population in excess of 100 million, with proper harnessing of her tourism potentials, Nigeria could easily exceed the nation’s foreign exchange expectations, after all, the country boasts at least 110 tourist sites. Between the 36 states of the federation and Abuja, the Federal Capital, Nigeria holds more 250 hotels. Over 100 of these hotels qualify as good. And about 30 registered tour operators could be found around Lagos, the country’s commercial hub.”

´Calabar soup with periwinkles is famous in Nigeria. Nigerians say if a Calabar woman cooks for you, you´ll never leave town.”

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