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Peter Obi Antics Can No Longer Be Funny to Obiano

Peter Obi Antics Can No Longer Be Funny to ObianoI was in court the other day, at the Anambra State Election Tribunal. And so was Chief Willie Obiano. I was seated on the same row, but an isle and one person away from him on my left, so I had a good opportunity to observe him. Poor guy! Throughout the course of the campaign for the Governorship election, I always thought that "the man has no idea what
Peter Obi is pushing him into" My observation of him in court on this day seem to prove me right. But, according to Shakespeare "there is no art to find the mind's construction on the face" so, I would never know what he is really feeling or thinking unless he tells me or Ndi Anambra. 
There are four Petitions in front of the Tribunal, and every last one of them is against Chief Willie Obiano, and each one of them has potentials of going all the way to the Supreme Court written all over it. In court on that day, Obiano had to stand up as the Tribunal's Clerk read out the Petitions.
As the only "Principal" in court that day, he was the only one doing the standing and sitting as the Petitions were read out. Like I said, poor guy! This was the second time I felt sorry for him in the course of this campaign and election.
The first was at the "Debategate" when Ifeanyi Ubah busted him at the second Debate for bringing in "expo" (cheat sheets) to the debate in clear violation of the rules. Although he did the same at the first Debate, no one showed him out like Ifeanyi Ubah did at the second Debate. Chief Obiano survived that and was declared "winner" of the election.
Then he had to contend with Governor Peter Obi and Chief Victor Umeh conducting The since-ignored Local Government Council Elections with just two months to the end of Obi's tenure and with as much time for Obiano to supposedly take over.
Along the line the guy is slammed with four Petitions at the Tribunal, including one from his own party, based on a Max Okwu locus standi that Governor Peter Obi set up when he was at daggers-drawn with his new Man-Friday, Victor Umeh. And there are several other law suits outside of the Tribunal, each of which also has Supreme Court written all over them.
I am just curious to know if Governor Peter Obi explained the potentials of all these to Chief Obiano when he (Obi) drafted Obiano and imposed him on APGA over the likes of Hon Uche Ekwunife, SSG Oseloka Obaze and Barrister Chiedu Idigo before foisting him on Ndi Anambra with impunity in the grossly flawed election that now has the man doing sit-ups in court as he stood-and-sat in court as the Petitions against him are read out. Did Governor Obi explain these, and did Obiano himself anticipate any of these when he accepted Governor Obi's sales job on him for this Governorship business?
But going beyond this, if we assume that Obiano can weather the storm of all these litigations, or that he would able to steady his rocking boat enough to be sworn in as the next Governor of Anambra State, I am also curious to know what he would do for money in his first 100 Days in Office given the rate and zeal with which Governor Peter Obi is determined to empty Anambra State's treasury before his departure.
It cannot be Funny to Obiano
I would imagine that Chief Obiano is no longer finding it funny that Obi is continuing to be Father Christmas with Anambra State's treasury with just 37 days to go from office. Another N100 million given to Unizik? Would Obiano have enough money left to take-off with?
Would he have enough to stabilise his government? Would he have enough to meet immediate demands above and beyond regularly scheduled obligations? What would his cash-flow be like in the first 100 Days in Office? Would he have to come into office borrowing even before he sits down, or would he become delinquent on obligations from first day in office?
What is Obi's end-game plan here? Where and how does Obiano begin with their preached "continuity" program? What money would he "continue" with? After swearing in the illegally and hurriedly elected Local Council Chairmen, they were kept for weeks in an hotel in Awka with food, drinks, Unizik babes and security at the State's expense, some say until the January federal allocations were collected and cleared from the banks. Obiano and his handlers would be foolish to put stock in the line that "there is money" for all these things that Obi is doing.
If Obi had all this money all along, why did he not use it to give Anambra State a better looking State Capital City and Capital Territory? It remains a crawl in my stomach that after 8 years of an administration that Awka continues to look the way it does.
The entrance to Government in Awka is an insulting sore sight to behold. The stretch of road along the Enugu-Onitsha Express road that runs past the front of Government House Awka is a death trap that has cost me several thousands of Naira in vehicle repair. What is Obi thinking?
Or better, what is Obiano thinking with this last minute distribution extravaganza? I know that SSG Oseloka Obaze has tagged it "finishing strong" With all due respect, that is nothing but a sales job that can only come from American influence as Mr. Obaze has. How would the bridge along Agulu road be finished? Or the so called Agulu Lake Resort? The Shoprite Mall? And scores of other projects being commissioned at the eleventh hour of this administration? Then we hear "continuity" Where would Obiano get the money to continue with?
We also hear that "the money for these projects had been paid or saved" Really? What government anywhere in the world pays for projects in advance or "saves" money especially when we were told at the beginning of the Obi administration that there was no money, that he was trying to stabilise the government first which was why he did not fund his party, APGA then.
I remember Victor Umeh screaming blue murder then that Obi was "killing APGA by starving it of funds" Why was Obiano reading the constitution of Obi's "handover committee" for the first time on the pages of newspaper while we were in court last Tuesday?
None of the signs we see shows "continuity" to me, rather what I see and read is that we are being taken by a Master Salesman. Obiano cannot be finding this funny.
I am waiting for the wind to blow…….. the masterful deception called Peter Obi's administration would be shown.

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